Monday, June 23, 2014

How I Get Through My Day

This may look like a product review but it is not!

My job at the Middle School requires me to spend 3 hours outside and with the weather being hot and humid these days I need a few items to get me through my day.

First - SUN BLOCK! I am never without it. This happens after working for a dermatologist for years. I saw way too much skin cancer and sun damage to ever think of going without block.

Second - WATER!! I hydrate often. It's not hard for me as water is my favorite drink. Drink, Drink, Pee Pee you don't want a damn IV is what I always think in my head as I stand under that sun.

Third - The biggest hat I could find. I know it looks black and I wish it was but it is navy blue.

Fourth - An ice pack! I wear this thing every day on the small of my back. It doesn't keep me as cool as I would like but it is better then nothing.

Fifth - Coffee! At the end of my day if I don't get coffee I am exhausted. It is only a 3 hour a day job but I am out of the house for 8 hours and three of them are standing in the sun.

I would love to know what you need to get through your day. Let me know below!


  1. Oh Maria,

    I could never do your job, no matter what supplies I had! I admire your ability to think things through and take precautions.

    That hat is really pretty. It's nice that it also block some of the sun.

    Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

    1. Thanks for hosting. It is a three hour a day job and sometimes its like a full day but I do love it.

  2. That's some blue. And a hard job. Your smile shows you enjoy it even though its tough

    1. Dealing with kids is sometimes difficult but I would rather deal with them then adults. At least you can talk to them and they are receptive. Most adults have their own agendas and have forgotten how to listen.

  3. I love your pretty hat and all these great ideas to keep cool! I do not like the great outdoors enough to have to be out in the hot weather but you make the best of it as it is part of your job! I am happy I stopped by. Happy Blue Monday and enjoy the week.

    1. I hate the heat and don't do well in it but I seriously NEED the money. While it isn't a whole lot or enough to allow me to do many things it helps out. AND the job has been a wonderful distraction from my personal life. There is no time to think about personal problems while there. Have a great day. Keep smiling.


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