Thursday, December 05, 2013

In Between Friends & Loving It

As an older mom a lot of my friends have mom's pretty close to my age. It is crazy when I meet a friend who has a kid the same age as mine, we start hanging out more, become closer and I finally meet their mom who is only a few years old than me. It is odd and cool at the same time.

It happens a lot! I am 47 but act like a 15 year old boy most of the time so having young friends is not something new to me but as a 47 year old woman, I have a lot in common with woman closer to my age too.

Recently I started hanging out with a young mom who moved here from Long Island. She is awesome, we have a lot in common. This is a photo from last night when we took an Irish Step Dance together. Don't even ask! A few weeks ago I met her mom, we had a lot in common too. She is hip, young, fun loving and has a great relationship with my friend, her daughter.

Another friend who just got married was telling me about her mom and how young and hip she is. I have yet to meet her but got to see photos of her from her daughter's wedding last week. Can I tell you that the mother of the bride had a mother of the bride dress that was incredible?! The bride was gorgeous, but the mother was stunning.

This had me wondering what kind of Mother of the Bride I will make. I am an older mom. I will be well into my late 50's to early 60's before Goddess will ever be old enough to think about marriage.

I imagine my mother of the bride dress to be matronly but older and mature looking. Not like the dresses of the mom's I see who are basically, well, my age now. If you are in your 40's and take care of yourself your mother of the bride dresses can and should make your look your best. Your daughter or son is getting married and you should be proud, plus those photos will be around forever.

Something like these dresses are what I hope I will find when my time comes.

Beautiful Dresses, I could so do these! Wish I had a wedding to dress for now!


  1. Lori Thomas4:29 PM

    beautiful dresses, especially love the bottom one. I don`t want my kids growing up so fast, want to enjoy them for as long as I can. Not going to think of them marrying for a looooonnnnggg time.

  2. My youngest son got married last Summer and I wish I'd had a dress as beautiful as the ones pictured to wear on his wedding day. Instead I wore a dressy pantsuit. It looked okay, but to be honest, I would have loved to have had something dressier to wear.

  3. My baby of my four is twenty four now and she does not want to get married until in her thirty's. Which I am all for, so many of these marriages just do not last at all now day's I say wait until you know for sure it's what you really want. Oh, and the dresses are very pretty.

  4. I wore a long Skirt to my Son's Wedding, I wish I had gotten something prettier to wear, maybe my Daughter will Marry?

    Thanks for the Post, and the beautiful Pictures!


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