Monday, December 16, 2013

Extended Family Christmas Get Together

Originally posted December 16, 2007

I  love this time of year. Mostly I love it because my girlfriends and I get our pack of kids together to exchange gifts, eat, drink, take pictures and make a ton of noise.

Mostly what I love about this little group is that there is a comfort level equal to being with your closest family. There is laughter, fun, joking, smiles, joy, chaos, stories, clucking (typical speak for too many girls talking at the same time).

In the past we used to head to Manhattan by ferry and spend the evening eating, walking, taking pictures, eating dessert, and more walking.  That was then…

Now, we get together on a Sunday at Houlihans without kids for lunch and then we do the next weekend with all our kids. 

Yesterday was our kid day. It was fun. The kids all have that cousin mentality and mostly get along very well. There are 7 kids between the 4 of us and the ages are from 2-15.  The oldest was my ring bearer and the youngest is my Goddess. I love seeing how well they all get along and how nicely they play together.

There is a comfort level with the lot of us that is hard to find these days.

It all started with Teresa who I met on my first day of work back in 1988.  We eventually became the inseparable dual at work. Like salt and pepper we were rarely seen alone. Through her I met Diane (who later became my roommate along with Teresa when the 3 of us rented an apartment together for a couple of years) and then Barbara. Teresa, Diane and Barbara all lived in the same city and all went to the same school so occasionally they go into some rant about people they knew back in the day but like I said, I can easily tell shout out “boring, bored” or some other obnoxious rant they tell me to ”shut up” and we move on. Love it! Just like family no? Without the biff upside the head.

I sent each one of them all the pictures from yesterday along with a thank you note to each one of them that went something like this.

It was so nice to see you all yesterday. I wish we weren’t spread all over the place because we certainly don’t get together often enough.Teresa, thank you for hosting, for the book, parting gift, food and for all that you do. If you didn’t organize these little shindigs they probably wouldn’t happen. You rock and my kids had a blast and can’t wait to go to your house again.Barbara, thanks for the gifts, taking care of my daughter when she hurt herself, helping me out to my car, those awesome cookies, and for all that you do. We shouldn’t just wait for Teresa to hold a get together to see each other.

Diane, thank you for babysitting with me, making lunch for the kids, the kids gifts, my 5 dollar scratch off win and for all that you do. What I said to Barbara applies to you too.

BigC, thank you so much for your extreme patience with all the kids when Aunt T and Aunt Barbara abandoned us to visit Liz. Handsome and Goddess were talking about you all night. You are welcomed to my house anytime you want. We have to work something out with your parents.

MyJ, thanks for loving Handsome and Goddess as much as you do. Sorry I didn’t get to talk to you much. I saw you but still ended up leaving there missing you. Buttercup is very cute and I hope you like your books. Anytime you want to come, you are more than welcome too.

I love all of you and Wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Love, Maria

It is the best and I love every minute of being with them and wish we could all get together more often but we none of us even live in the same damn county let alone same city.

There is nothing I couldn’t ask for these three or their children who all call me Aunt.  I always end up in a love fest after seeing them. They are truly good people and anyone would be lucky to have any of them in their lives.
Handsome and Goddess,

Just a reminder that your Aunt Teresa, Barbara and Diane love you very much. They will all always be there for you and please know that you can count on them, tell them anything and they will always love you.  Aunt Barbara is always there for a hug, Aunt Diane is always there for a joke and Aunt Teresa is always there for some good advice.
Outstanding moments of yesterday:

Handsome and Barbara’s Baby Girl running with each other and calling for each other. I have not seen them play in the past.

Handsome getting a piggy back ride from my ring bearer BigC. How friggin cute. Who could have seen that 10 years ago?

My Goddess petting a hamster that MyJ was holding.

BigC letting all the kids lay all over him and having the most patience of any 15 year old in the world.

Goddess showing everyone her new doll from her Aunt Teresa like the proud little mama she is.

Babysitting with Diane and letting the kids run amok for the hour that we were abandoned by Barbara and Teresa.

Winning $5.00 on a Christmas scratch off from Diane.

Goddess telling Barbara she “loves it” when asked about a particular gift from Aunt Diane. “Do you like it?” ”I love it!” she replied. Followed by all the awwws 4 women could muster.

My handsome saying “Happy Holidays” as we headed out the door.

These were just a few of the awesome moments that made out little get-together one of the best so far.


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