Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas is Dora’s Birthday?

Originally posted on In The Blink of An Eye December 17, 2007


On Thursday I took out Fisher Price Little People Nativity Play Set. It is really cute! I got it at the end of the season last year but didn’t give it to the kids.

Thursday I asked the kids to clean up the living room so that I could show them a new toy. After the clean up I took out this huge box with the nativity set in it. They were so excited and I couldn’t all those pieces out of the trillion pieces of wires fast enough. Question: If they are going to put all those wire pieces around each little friggin toy why all the tape too?? 

Anyway, we set it up and I started the lesson on who all the people were. They listened and we looked at each piece and discussed their role in the Christmas story. I read them four or five books on the Christmas Story and then because it was the only movie I had about anything to do with the birth of Christ we watched The Little Drummer Boy from 1968.

It was a wonderful moment between me and my kids. I loved watching a movie that I watched as a child with them. I know this is just the beginning of our Christmas traditions and I can’t wait to build on the little foundation I am setting up.

Yesterday while playing a game my son said, “Mom, Christmas is coming soon.”

“Yes it is. You are right. Just a few more days.” Then just to reiterate what I had taught him the other day I figured I would ask, “Whose birthday do we celebrate on Christmas?”

Without missing a beat he said, “Jesus’s”

I was so happy that he had remembered. I said, “You are so smart. It is Jesus’s Birthday. We can sing to him too if you want on Christmas.” He said, “Yeah” with all the enthusiasm of a child who thinks birthdays, anyone’s birthday is fun and a reason to celebrate.

My daughter walked into the room about 2 minutes later.

“Goddess, whose birthday do we celebrate on Christmas?” I ask her.  I was so excited and optimistic since the boy had remembered I figured she certainly would.

“DORA’S” she shouts eagerly.

“Dora’s, well actually it’s Jesus’s but good guess.” I tell her trying not to laugh.

I guess I am just be thrilled that she actually understood my question at 2.5 years old and really…maybe she’s right. I have no idea when Dora’s birthday is. Maybe her birthday is also December 25th. Who am I to argue with a 2.5 year old?  


  1. LOL cute story. My youngest granddaughter is three and still gives odd answers here and there when I ask her that very same question :)

  2. That is such a cute set.

  3. Fun story thank you. The Nativity is beautiful.

  4. We have this fisher price set too and love it for our kids! It is a great learning tool for teaching the christmas story / dora's birthday!

  5. Adorable :) We have that nativity set, too, or one very similar, and it is one of my favorite things I ever bought my daughter.


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