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Christmas Movies For The Whole Family - GIVEAWAY

“The Hive: A Very Buzzbee Christmas”  (SRP $12.95)

Pint-size viewers will have a lot to bee excited about this holiday season when The Hive, the animated TV series for preschoolers on Disney Junior from Bejuba! Entertainment, comes to DVD and digital for the first time! “A Very Buzzbee Christmas” features nearly 90 minutes of high-flying hijinks starring the tiny, stripy Bee family – Pappa Bee, Mamma Bee, Buzzbee, Rubee and Babee – as they buzz around the sky, take part in Honeybee Hive’s Harvest Festival of Lights and await the arrival of Pappa Christmas. The adorable new release captures all the most buzz-worthy themes of the popular series, including spending time with family, making friends, and finding out about the world and how it works.

The 411:

So cute. We thought the animation was very sweet. The hive features the Bee Family which is made up of Pappa Bee, Mamma Bee, Buzzbee, Rubee and Babee.  Yes, they are bees but like every family they celebrate the holiday and deal with real life issues. Like my kids they eagerly await the arrival of not Santa but Pappa Christmas.

My kids love that this was a new Christmas DVD and enjoyed the bees celebrating Christmas.

The DVD has 10 episodes, each one adorable.

1. Postman Buzzbee
2. Buzzbee the Magician
3. Scooter Bee
4. Pappa Gets Fit
5. Buzzbee’s Secrets
6. Lord Bartlebee and the Teddy Bee
7. Festival of Light
8. Babee’s First Christmas
9. The Night Before Christmas
10. Buzzbee and the Snowbee

Buzzbee Teaches: Holiday and Tradition; Teamwork; Compassion

“The Secret World of Santa Claus: Elves in Toyland” (SRP $14.95) and
“The Secret World of Santa Claus: A Present for Santa” (SRP $14.95)
Kids and families will count down to Christmas with the DVD debut of the beloved international sensation, The Secret World of Santa Claus! The two special two-disc sets each feature a dozen episodes of the timeless animated series. In “The Secret World of Santa Claus: Elves in Toyland, Santa, his reindeer and trusty elves sleigh into a land full of enchantment. But when they arrive, they find the meddlesome Gruzzlebeard has cast a wicked spell on the toys, making them come to life. With Christmas fast approaching, Santa and his elves must undo the maleficent magic before it’s too late…! And in “The Secret World of Santa Claus: A Present for Santa, children work with Santa’s elves to make him a gift so he won’t be the only person on the planet who never receives presents on Christmas. While they’re hard at work, the dastardly Gruzzlebeard unleashes hungry termites that nearly eat Santa’s house, along with his trademark suit with special powers! Santa is very distressed, but when he awakens to a big present outside, courtesy of the children, he discovers all hope is not lost.

The 411:

My kids loved these DVDs but I think I liked it more. It reminded me of my childhood because the animation is older. Originally these were made in the 90s and was an animated series from France and was in syndication in Canada.  

Each episode is about Santa getting ready for Christmas whether he is working out or dealing with his elfs. The shows also star his elfs, reindeer and some villains (Gruzzlebeard and Dudley) who are always trying to spoil the holidays.

The kids loved the fact that the kids in this movie give Santa a present. Every year my kids want to give Santa a gift and I usually talk them out of it.

The episodes are silly and fun and while my kids say they enjoyed them, they mostly talked through them instead of watching. Sometimes they talked about the soundtrack noticing the noises and asking each other if they thought the episode was funny or silly.  

My favorite episode was called The Tall Little Girl about a girl who is too short to play basketball. She takes a potion that makes her a giant and after ruining the city Santa brings her back down to size where she finally appreciates her small structure.

In my opinion they are great old school movies that kids should see.  The theme song while not catchy is playing in my head right now. UGH.

A Present For Santa
DISC 1 (episodes 1-7): 
A Present For Santa 
The Christmas Conference
The Story Of Trolls
Christmas For Dudley
The Return Of Santa Claus
The Tall Little Girl
The Teddy Bear

DISC 2 (episodes 8-14): 
Stolen Christmas
Havoc In Toyland
Message In A Bottle
Balthazar Can’t Make Up His Mind
The Longest Night
Santa Claus’ Secrets
Making Of Bonus

Elves In Toyland

DISC 1 (episodes 1-7): 
The Magic Pearl
The 12 Labours Of Santa Claus
Little Geniuses 
Rudolph Is Missing
The Star Child
Leon’s Christmas
A Present For Two
DISC 2 (episodes 8-13): 
Super Rabbit
Lucky Charm
The Flying Carpet
Santa Claus’ Memoirs
Magic Wand
The Boy Who Wished To Be Little Again

Enchanted Tales: The Night Before Christmas & The Christmas Elves” (SRP $9.95)
“Enchanted Tales: The Night Before Christmas & The Christmas Elves” brings two of the most beloved classic holiday tales to colorful animated life in a pair of complete 48-minute movies on one DVD! “The Night Before Christmas” presents a whimsical holiday surprise package bursting with comical elfin escapades, musical fun and inventive fairy magic. The festive tale is followed by “The Christmas Elves, which centers on a kindhearted, orphan boy and his loyal cat as they discover the true spirit of the season in a Yuletide tale of musical, magical holiday cheer. The multi-award-winning Enchanted Tales series, produced by Golden Films and distributed in more than 80 countries around the world, has already delighted millions of young viewers through Comcast and Hulu.

We didn't get to see this one yet so this is from their website.

It’s the most exciting night for children across the world. Toys, ponies, dolls, puppies and all kinds of exciting presents are given to the children on Santa’s nice list, except for a young orphan boy and his loyal cat. But good things come to those who wait and the young boy gets something better than any toy could offer – he learns the true spirit of Christmas.

Get ready to meet the most cheerful Elves of all in this whimsical holiday movie filled with snow, music and Elf magic! Based on the classic story The Elves and the Shoemaker by the Brothers Grimm, a poor shoemaker named Hans is down to his last piece of shoe leather. Fortunately for Hans, four little Elves-in-training just happen to be looking for a good deed to earn them their full Elf status.

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We were sent copies of these movies for our honest opinion. No monetary compensation was received.


  1. Lori Thomas4:20 PM

    All cute movies!!! If I had to choose I`d pick “The Hive: A Very Buzzbee Christmas”

  2. i would pick the The Secret World of Santa Claus: Elves in Toyland, looks so cute my kids love movies, they are all great looking

  3. The Hive is what I'd pick its just so cute!! Thank you
    Kaci Guis.Harrison


    I would choose “Enchanted Tales: The Night Before Christmas & The Christmas Elves” because my granddaughter is obsessed with Santa and Elves :)


  5. A Present For Santa

  6. The Night Before Christmas

  7. I'd love the K75 Platinum coffeemaker from the gift guide

  8. This one sounds really cute to watch; The Boy Who Wished To Be Little Again.

  9. The Night before Christmas would be my favorite, it sounds very cute.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. SHERRIE C.

    I would pick “Enchanted Tales: The Night Before Christmas & The Christmas Elves” for their selection of movies.


  11. The Secret World of Santa Claus: Elves in Toyland,

  12. I would choose Elves in Toyland if I won. Thanks :)


  13. SHERRIE C.

    I would choose Elves in Toyland :)


  14. “The Secret World of Santa Claus: Elves in Toyland” (SRP $14.95) or
    “The Secret World of Santa Claus: A Present for Santa” (SRP $14.95)

  15. The K75 Platinum Coffeemaker is nice!

  16. SHERRIE C.

    Elves In Toyland but a Present for Santa looks cute too :)


  17. SHERRIE C.

    Elves In Toyland looks cute :)


  18. Daniel M8:08 PM

    The Secret World of Santa Claus: Elves in Toyland - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  19. SHERRIE C.

    The Christmas Elves sounds really cute :)


  20. Enchanted Tales: The Night Before Christmas & The Christmas Elves would be my pick!

  21. SHERRIE C.

    I would choose The Christmas Elves if I won, thanks :)



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