Thursday, December 05, 2013

Adorable Book For Your Little One by Joyce Wan


Whether your child is a happy little horsey, a snuggly little lamb, or a brave little tiger, MY LUCKY LITTLE DRAGON will have every parent saying, "Baby, I'm so lucky to have you!" From the creator of the scrumptious YOU ARE MY CUPCAKE, Joyce Wan's new board book with bright colors, bold illustrations, and a mirror in the last page is a perfect read-aloud for the little dragon in your life.

The 411: 

My kids are long out of these board books but I will never stop buying them. Giving the gift of books is something I love doing and whether it is for a friend's baby, a pregnant teacher in my kids school or the pregnant cashier at the store, I love giving books. 

In this book, Joyce Wan, takes all the familiar zodiac animals and makes them as cute as possible with her artistic ability while engaging your little one.

I had to take a photo of the cover so you can see the brilliant sparkles that are missed in the online photo.

Also, the last page has a mirror heart shaped mirror so baby can see their face or mommy's face smiling back at them.

Adorable read out loud book!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy from Scholastic for my honest opinion.


  1. What cute lil books!! We love to read together. These would make nice additions to our collection.

  2. There is no one in my family that is the right age for this book. Zodiac animals is a great idea. I am tempted to buy this book for the next opportunity I get to give a baby shower gift. Would make an excellent present. I love reading to little ones.

  3. What a cute book. I love the mirror in the end. We had several books like this when DS was little and the mirror is always a hit.

  4. That book looks adorable. My granddaughter is really into dinosaurs and dragons and I bet she would love this book :)

  5. I like this cute little book, would like to have it for my grandson.


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