Friday, July 27, 2012

It Is All About The Jump

Jenny Matlock 

The kids have been in swim class for almost three weeks and they love it! Yesterday was their last day so I got to go in the pool too which was awesome. It is a great pool and listening to them complain about how cold it is twice a week made me very curious. It is cold but if you are like me and jump without testing it is easier to get used to. I see no reason to test the water with my toe then spend 14 minutes trying to get my body accustomed to it. Jump in completely and you are fine!

Goddess jumps
Handsome jumps 
Two Instructors jump


  1. Great photos of the kids taking the big leap!

  2. Yep. Jump in and get it over with!
    sometimes it's a difficult mental decision. But really, a quarter minute of freezing vs minutes of torture.

  3. Jumping right in is the way to do it...

    I must admit though, sometimes I wade in slowly...

    Great Job for the letter "J"...

    Thanks for linking.



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