Monday, July 02, 2012

Handsome, Goddess and Friends

I love hanging with friends. Friends are one of life's greatest gifts and watching my kids with friends always makes me happy. My friend Karen and I headed to the park in April with our kids. Our girls and boys are almost identical. The boys both born in May with one year between them and the girls both born on the exact same day in April, 2 years apart are also alike in their personalities.

Plus, I love hanging with their mom, we are polar opposites visually. She is tall and blond and I am short and brunette but she is someone I find hysterical and very sweet.  I only wish we had more time to talk. It feels like our conversations are always rushed because the kids are usually around.

Handsome is always really big help to Goddess when we are out. When they are in the house he wants nothing to do with her but out he says, "do you need help honey?"


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