Friday, February 10, 2012

Proud Mommy Moment - Bed Making 101

I am so sorry that there isn't a photo but let me paint a picture for you. Last Sunday as I was washing the last of the breakfast dishes...(fade out to visual)

Handsome and Goddess come into the kitchen.
Goddess says, "Mommy, we want to show you something."
I say, OK..let me finish rinsing this last dish."

They are both smiling and Goddess says, "Close your eyes!"
This is something that happens often and usually ends with me saying something like, nice fort, nice tent, your dolls look cute like that, etc....

They both take my hand and lead me down the hall way. I am trusting they won't let me bump into anything. It hasn't happened yet but you never know....

We stop and they both say, "tada"

I open my eyes and I am standing in my doorway looking at my perfectly made bed!

Goddess says, "we made it so you don't have to."  Handsome hugs me and they both say they are going to make their beds.

Still standing there with my shocked face I stammered a "thanks you guys." Then I pulled myself together and told them how proud I was that they worked together to do something they knew would make me happy and gave them both hugs.

What I love most about this is that they conspired together, quietly, doing something positive with the one thought, that they were helping someone else.

I love my kids!

Cookies for my sweeties and they just had to pose

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