Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kids Will Definitely Want To Snuggle Their Wuggle Pets

You have probably see the commercial!

Wuggle Pets is an assortment of eight collectable baby pets that children bring to life with an easy 12-piece starter kit. The kit includes one fun filled factory, a Magical Unicorn and a Cuddle Puppy, two bags of fluffy stuffing, two bags of magic dust, two sheets of personality charms, two birth certificates and a zipper lock.

For only $7.99 for each individual kit and $19.99 for the entire Starter Kit, this activity-toy will keep your child captivated for hours and will help them to develop hand-eye coordination skills. Wuggle Pets are available online at www.wugglepets.com.

The 411 by Maria:

We received our Wuggle Pets last week and Goddess was dying to open the box. When I finally said I was ready she grabbed it and proceeded to try to cut it open with a scissor. Quickly stopping her, I grabbed the camera and the scissor and told her that it was a simple insert flap that she had to unflap. After she opened it, we were off.

Here is what we did...

As you can see, it is very easy for a child to do themselves. I personally love that the gift is unplugged. My kids spend way to many hour plugged into something. There are no batteries, just some kid power and a happy heart to create your Wuggle.

Goddess selected the horse out of the two pack, the other was an adorable dog which Handsome will do next although she is begging to do fluff it for him.

The price is very reasonable and since filling her Wuggle she has put down her beloved "Doggie", even sleeping with her Wuggle which she named Rainbow. "I love horses and rainbows so I am naming him Rainbow!"

Today she clipped her Wuggle to her coat and he went to school with her, something Doggie is never allowed to do. She originally was going to put him on her backpack but worried he would get dirty.

She is ready to get the whole lot of Wuggles and is asking for them for her birthday which is coming too soon. 
  • We like the little window so you can see the fluff going into your pet.
  • We love how adorable they are.
  • We love that you can give them a personality (now that Goddess knows what a personality is).
  • We like the little storage area where we are keeping extra personality tokens  and the zipper key.
  • We like that you can clip them and bring them with you.
Great idea for a kid party and classroom craft

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary beginner kit to facilitate this review.

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