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Conception On Demand February 24, 2012 + A Movie Review

CONCEPTION is a clever, romantic comedy that proves it takes more than sex to make a baby. From a couple fighting the odds of fertility to young teenagers losing their virginity, the film follows nine very different couples on the night they conceive, showing that sex can sometimes be more neurotic than erotic. The hilarious ensemble cast includes Emmy-winner Julie Bowen and Sarah Hyland (“Modern Family”), Connie Britton (“Friday Night Lights”), David Arquette (NEVER BEEN KISSED), Jason Mantzoukas (“The League”), and Alan Tudyk (DODGEBALL).

The 411 by Maria

The movie starts out with a class full of kids asking teacher David Arquette where babies come from. After that we meet 9 couples on the night they are about to conceive whether meaning to or not.

  • A Lesbian couple who are deciding which one of them should get pregnant and their thoughts about raising a child.
  • New parents who are struggling to find a new normal
  • Young teens 
  • A couple who are taking hormone shots
  • A couple discussing whose relationship has fallen into a rut could use a little romance
  • A young couple dealing with financial and relationship problems
  • A couple on a blind date
  • A cougar and her young boyfriend
  • A couple who appear to have a very active sex life
I love the way they montage the couples though different spinets.  Each couple dealing with different situations all dealing with sex and sexual relations. Even though we don't get to know each couple well, we do get to know them! It is like a twitter post. You don't need a whole lot of dialogue to know what is going on here.

Sexual relations aren't always about sex. Sometimes it about being close, making up, newness, feeling sexy, experimenting, but this act of nature sometimes results in life which is always beautiful.

My favorite parts of the movie are the split screens and the many different relations.

Nothing too deep here but I actually enjoyed it. It was nice seeing Modern Family's Sarah Hyland and Julie Bowen although not together, in a movie.

Catch Conception nationwide On Demand (VOD, iTunes, Amazon Watch Instantly, and Vudu) starting February 24, 2012.

Distributor: Tribeca Film

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About Tribeca Film:
Tribeca Film is a comprehensive distribution label dedicated to acquiring and marketing independent films across multiple platforms, including video-on-demand, theatrical, digital, home video and television. It is an initiative from Tribeca Enterprises designed to provide new platforms for how film can be experienced, while supporting filmmakers and introducing audiences to films they might not otherwise see. American Express continues its support of Tribeca and the independent film community by serving as the Founding Partner of Tribeca Film.

Disclaimer: I didn't receive any monetary compensation to write this review.

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