Saturday, January 14, 2012

This Is A Bully Free Zone

Were you bullied as a child?
Did you ever see someone bullied but did nothing to help?

Teaching a zero tolerance for bullying starts at home. I have never thought that there are bad children, I have always felt that there are parents who haven't taught right from wrong. Manners are not taught anymore. Being kind is not taught anymore. There are basic, simple "Golden Rule" etiquette that are just not taught by parents anymore.  I am not talking to you. You, who teach manners, acceptance, kindness, empathy, etc., I am talking to YOU!

What is the Golden Rule? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The Golden Rule is quite simple but not so simple to follow.

Raising considerate and thoughtful children does not happen by magic! Children are naturally self-centered and must be taught how to behave and how to deal with others.

Children learn by your modeling. If you are not kind, empathetic to others, using your manners, being polite, being respectful, etc., your children will never learn how to do this either!

My sister-in-law commented about 2 years ago how nice I am to my kids. "I always hear you say Please and Thank you to the kids". I think it is nice. It isn't even something I think about but I have been doing that forever, and I don't only do it to them. I do it with everyone, even my husband. "Hun, can you please stop and pick up milk on the ride home?" I know I could simply say, "get milk on the way home!" but like I said, it isn't something I think about.

I have tried to teach the kids that manners go a long way. It costs nothing to be nice. It isn't hard to be kind! It doesn't hurt you to smile." Simple instructions and thankfully I do hear my daughter doing just that. Handsome does the best he can. He is a whole different animal. He is usually the one I say the "It costs nothing to be nice" to. He's 8! He will get it!!

Bullying starts with rudeness, unacceptance, exclusion and escalates. These things will not be a problem if children are taught to be GOOD people.

While bullying is a word that is thrown around very often. There is a definition that we should all remind ourselves of.


Our school district is taking a firm stance on Bullying and creating a Bully Free

If you are interested in finding out more about NY States Dignity for All Students Act go here.

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