Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Writing prompts

I AM…very balanced, very thankful, very calm, very happy, very tired.

I WANT…to feel less financial stress. To pay what needs to be paid without stressing over the fact that I cannot pay everything. It would be nice to stop receiving phone calls from creditors who all ask the same question, Why have you not paid your bill. is not like I am ignoring the bill, I pay each month what I can but food is much more important that paying it in full. If I pay I feel they have no right to harass me. 

I HAVE…a wonderful husband, lovely friends, and beautiful children.
I KEEP…my word. If I say something, I will do it!

I WISH I COULD…find a job that is flexible for my families schedule and pays enough to be worth taking the time away from them.

I HATE...feeling as if things will not financially get better. I hate bitter, angry people who are angry about everything. I hate when someone can't see past their nose on their face at how irrational they are. I hate when people constantly talk negative.

I FEAR…not being around to see my children grow up.
I HEAR… the quiet of my house at 5:00 a.m. before the kids get up.

I DON’T THINK…we will ever be able to pay the bills and take the kids on vacation.

I REGRET…not staying in college.

I LOVE…my husband who is a wonderful man.
I AM NOT…someone who can jump on the negative train. If someone is too negative, mean, constantly over thinking and shouting. Finding out the details from a relevant source instead of listening to hoopla from the masses is the only way for me.

I DANCE…constantly.

I SING…even when someone is listening. Who can surpress it?

I NEVER…want my children to feel alone. I spent so many years of my life feeling alone. Even in a room full of people (my wedding) They are the reason I don't feel it and to be honest, it wouldn't be such a bad thing sometimes but I want them to always know they have someone who will listen to them and love them.

I RARELY…get mad! I usually feel people are doing the best they can. If they could do better they would. I try not to over think anything anymore. I spent so many years worrying about things I  had no control over or things that may or may not happen. I focus on the moment!

I CRY WHEN…I feel love! Watching a movie when someone is showing love makes me cry! I find it so beautiful.

I AM NOT ALWAYS…funny, smart, or confident
I HATE THAT…I am not making enough money to help out the house.

I’M CONFUSED ABOUT…how to get people more involved in my community page.

I NEED…to spend more time, doing foot work and being less worried about taking someone's time.  Give them the facts and than let them decide but make the first move without fear.

I SHOULD…visit at least 3 companies a day and talk to them about what I do. It could benefit the both of us.

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