Monday, January 02, 2012

365 Day Challenge Day 2 - Goddess' Ornament

When I was a kid my parents allowed us to pick out an ornament every year. We would head to Adams and pick an ornament that spoke to us. Whatever that would be for a young child. Sometimes it was an elf or a cat. I haven't done this with my kids yet mostly because I haven't found a place that sells ornaments other than Hallmark and also because ornaments are extremely expensive these days.

I love the idea of an eclectic tree and find trees with the same ball pattern over and over beautiful but boring so I have occasionally purchased ornaments for the kids. This is one of my favorites that I bought for Goddess. It is just so cute with its little angel wings and the red hat! Love it. The wings say, Always Believe.

Always Believe

I believe! DO you?


  1. Love this image with their two sweet faces. Sweet moment.

  2. Great picture--you are getting so PROFESSIONAL with your shots--I'm not kidding! You know I've been reading your blog a while and honestly, I can tell a big difference in your pictures. They are better and better each day.


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