Friday, January 13, 2012

365 Day Challenge - Day 12 & 13

A day behind on my 365 Day Challenge this is what happens when I am away from the computer for too many hours. There is never time to catch up.

Day 12
A Love note from Mr. Nobody. I receive all kinds of notes in my house. Usually they are from Goddess with her little declarations of love shoved under the bathroom door. Many "I love you mommy" notes while taking too long in the bathroom. Any thing over than 18 seconds is way too long.

The last note arrived in an empty basket that held muffins while I was finishing dinner. Umm...I wonder which of my housemates conspired on this one?

A Love Note From Mr. Nobody

Day 13

Today while trying to think of something quick to take a photo of; I noticed this little guy who I believe came from A Disney Monopoly game. I used the AV mode on my camera which is something I have been playing with quite a bit.

In an attempt to make a very small, very boring figurine interesting, I placed him on the table and changed my prospective. It is more interesting but what exactly? I don't know!

Peter Pan

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  1. I think Mr. Nobody is dropping you a big hint to refill the basket :)


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