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Why Wait Until January 1st To Get Organized!? Start Early

I never thought I would be a business woman. It wasn't something I saw in my future ever! Secretary since 16, Administrative Assistant up until the age of 36, got pregnant with my first born and became a stay at home mom. It was exactly what I wanted to do.

Here I am 45 years old running my own Social Media Business and Community Webzine for a small town because after losing their paper they really needed to know what was going on. 

With 3 clients, and a slew of community events to keep up with, two kids, a house, husband, family, friends, Cub Scouts, Daisys, and Soccer staying organized is something that I really have to concentrate more on.

Last week I received three books that were truly inspiring.

Organize Now! Your Money, Business & Career

Let organizing expert Jennifer Ford Berry  show you how to get ahead in your career and personal finances by getting organized.
Inside you’ll find:
  • Easy-to-follow checklists that give you results in just one week
  • Time-management tips to increase your productivity at work and at home
  • Strategies for efficiently using social media and mobile devices
  • Ways to organize your resume, job search, and career goals
  • Effective organizing ideas for work spaces
  • Techniques for organizing financial goals and records
  • Expert tips from financial advisors, CPAs and human resources specialists
$11.55 Buy Now 


Organize for a Fresh Start

Transform your home and schedule so they perfectly meet your current needs and reflect who you are and what you value now. Changes and life transitions often leave people with unbalanced schedules and homes full of obsolete items. Certified Professional Organizer® Susan Fay West shows you how to make room for your new interests and responsibilities while honoring your past. You’ll find step-by-step advice for decluttering and reorganizing every room in the home plus specific tips for where to start and how to stay motivated. Reflective questions and exercises will help you make “no-regrets” decisions about what to left go of and what to keep.
$10.79 Buy Now

Organize Now! 12 Month Home & Activity Planner

A great day planner is one of the keys to getting and staying organized. Organizing expert Jennifer Ford Berry has created the perfect planner to help you effectively organize your schedule and keep track of your appointments and daily to-do lists. Let this planner be the one place you record all your activities, responsibilities, and schedules. You’ll never miss another appointment or forget about a task again.
Inside you’ll find:
  • An open-date format that works for any twelve-month period, whether you start in January,  or any other month
  • Lots of room to write appointments and to-do lists for each day of the year
  • Pages to help plan the months ahead
  • Reminders for bill due dates
  • Tips to help you organize your home, paperwork, and time
  • Ideas for setting monthly organizing goals
$11.55 Buy Now

The 411:
There is nothing better than the feeling of being organized and completely in control of your life!

My favorite of the three is Organize For A Fresh Start. I am still reading it. It is interesting enough to read as a novel and full of great tips. We used some of the tips today while decluttering our Christmas decorations which were pulled out of the attic as we do every year. We unhauled quite a bit of things that we haven't taken out in years but have been taking up space.

The Organize Now 12 Month Home & Activity Planner is perfect for my day to day family life. Being able to see everything I need with lots of room to write things down is exactly what works for me. Using my smartphone makes things easy but there is never enough space to put everything down.
The book is the perfect size to take along with you, only about the size of a paperback book. Each month starts with a place for important dates, holidays, bill due dates, happenings for the month and goals. I also love the check boxes. Checking off boxes always makes me feel like I accomplished something. There is even a paragraph for the months focus that gives you a little tidbit for inspiration. Love it! We could all use a little push in the right direction.

Organize Now! Your Money, Business and Career is truly a great resource for anyone trying to manage family and a career. Writer Jennifer Ford Berry definitely knows what it takes to create balance in life. I put her handling distractions to use right away especially by taking off my email notification. It is a complete distraction and was taking me away from my work way too often. I am trying to check email only once an hour now.

In this book you will learn how to balance your life with an easy 10 week plan. Again, there is a check off box. Love check off boxes. Makes me feel accomplished.  Each section has a place for notes and a once a month, every 3-6 months and once a year check off box.

The next section is a 6 week plan to organize your career. Starting with goals like write down what you would like to accomplish with your career. Next to each goal write down when you want to meet it.

There is also a 7 week section on organizing your Networking Systems. I love the tips included here. Come up with a great message! Then one of the "Stay Organized" tips is to practice living your message and speaking it to everyone you meet at least once a month.

There are great tips here that are worth the cost of the book alone especially the section on organizing your mail and advertising.

The next section is on Organizing your Own Business in a 4 week plan. LOVED THIS WHOLE SECTION.

The last section is Organize your Personal Finances.

Basically in 52 weeks you can organize your life and I do believe by sticking to this book, my whole career will take a completely different turn. I am excited to see where this takes me. 

Happy Organizing.

For more information and a great holiday e-book head over to Better Way Home

Disclosure: I received these complimentary books for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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