Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another Earth on DVD Is Worth The Watch

Another Earth Synopsis
Director/co-writer Mike Cahill (Boxers + Ballerinas) teams with producer/co-writer Brit Marling to challenge our concepts of reality and redemption with this romantic sci-fi drama about a radiant astrophysics student who endeavors to travel to Earth 2, a newly discovered mirror of our own home planet. Rhoda Williams (Marling) was driving in her car and listening to the radio when the DJ announced the discovery of Earth 2, which had just appeared from the other side of the sun. Gazing out her window at the newly discovered planet, Rhoda neglectfully careens into a minivan carrying a small family. Everyone but the father is killed instantly, and Rhoda is sentenced to four years in prison. Upon emerging, the repentant reckless driver finds herself drawn to the lone survivor. Meanwhile, Rhoda learns of an essay contest to win a seat on a civilian space shuttle to Earth 2. Perhaps, on that strangely familiar planet, an alternate version of herself exists -- one that has made different choices, and followed a different life path. The only way she will ever find out is to win the contest and secure her seat on a ride into the great unknown.

The 411:
I have now read over 10 reviews on this movie and can't believe the balance of love and hate. Personally, I loved it! We meet Rhoda Williams a seemingly intelligent young girl who loves astrophysics and will be going to MIT. While hearing on her car radio that another planet has been spotted she looks out her window to find the blue dot. We see a man, John Burroughs, with his family stopped at I assume a traffic light with his wife and their young son in the back seat. The boy appears to be in a car seat but I cannot tell. Rhoda's car hits them head on and the movie goes forward from there. These two strangers lives become intertwined as they struggle through the events of their life after to accident. 

The planet turns out to be a duplicate Earth and apparently we have duplicates there.  As their lives re-awaken Rhoda is granted the opportunity of a lifetime, to travel to this other Earth and visit this alternative reality.

This is not a science fiction movie but more of a redemption with a twist. The actors make this movie for me. The plot combines a very real, complex emotional ride with the underlying alternate reality taking a subplot backseat. The slow, steady, patient pace creates emotion that you couldn't get if the storyline was rushed.  My only compliant was how detached her parents were. Rhoda is not a bad girl, she is not a flighty girl, hell, she was accepted to MIT's Astrophysics Program, yet, her terrible accident is made to seem like she is irresponsible and a drunk. Was she? I don't recall her drinking but I do know she left a party and got behind the wheel. Brit Marling does a wonderful job of making you think she is in fact a 17 year old guilt ridden young woman. When in fact 27 and the co-writer, co-producer of this movie and another called Sound of My Voice.

Very impressed with this young woman and can't wait to see what else she does.

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this DVD for the purpose of this review from Fox Home Entertainment

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