Friday, June 03, 2011

Spring Cleaning Sargento Style

It must be a food kind of day!

Last week I received this box in the mail from Sargento.

Fortunately it had been a cool night because the UPS dude left it by my door after 5ish and we never heard him knock. The bears and raccoons could have had a field day but thankfully nothing happened to the box and we are still enjoying the contents which are A-Maz-ing!

What was inside? Well, three boxes of Sargento Cheese. We got Mild Chedder, Colby Jack and Light String Cheese, 18 sticks in each box. Now, that's a lot of cheese right?

This is a good thing because we are a bunch of mice here. We love our cheese, especially the two boys of the house. My son and husband snack on them like crazy and for this mom, I couldn't be happier. Snacks are a big part of the day. If you wrote down everything you eat, on some days, you would be surprised. Kids love snacks and they love it even more when they can get it themselves or not have mommy over their shoulder telling them, "just one" as in the case of my daughter who asks for fruit snacks or candy every hours.

Sargento is a name I grew up with and have used for most of my 28+ years on my own and now for my family. Their idea for summer about Fridge Packs should have been done ages ago. Toss out those unhealthy snacks that are giving you nothing but a quick fix without the benefit of nutrition and turn them in for something that is so much better for you like cheese.

These packs are easy and keep the fridge very organized. No more run away sticks to gather once the bags are open. These stay nice and neat in their little cases. Simply Tear open the top and you have a nifty, easy way for everyone in the family to grab and go.

My son takes these in his lunch box every day. My husband sits down at night and instead of chips has been grabbing two cheese sticks while watching TV.

Saragento's spokesperson Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD. says, "healthy habits start with a clean and organized refrigerator." This makes complete sense to me. Offer the healthy stuff and they will come. We have yogurt, cheese, apples slices, grapes and baby carrots available for the kids. They never have to ask permission to take any of these. They are allowed to eat them whenever they want. The snakes on the counter are off limits unless they ask for permission. They eat better if we give them the options and make it available.

Here is my fridge today. All ready for the when kids come home except the yogurt is usually out of the package and in one of the drawers for easy grabbing and the watermelon cut up but I thought it looked better that way.

Keeping the snacks low enough for kids to grab makes them grab it. Happy snacking everyone.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Sargento and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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