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Kids are Koo Koo for Totally Koo Koo

Kids and Tweens From Coast-to-Coast Get

Totally KooKooTM!

Debut Collection Takes Flight at Toys”R”Us Stores Nationwide this Spring

It’s Totally KooKoo! Jay at Play International, well known for its best-selling MushABellies line of chattering plush, has “hatched” an all-new menagerie of collectible toys called Totally KooKooTM. The debut range takes off for its exclusive inaugural flight at Toys”R”Us stores nationwide this spring before spreading its wings to other major retailers in late summer.

“Kids and families everywhere will be ‘totally KooKoo’ over our new Totally KooKoo lineup,” said Joseph A. Sutton, Managing Director of Jay at Play International. “From laugh-out-loud names and KooKoo sounds to ‘wildly’ cool colors, KooKoo Birds are well-perched to bring non-stop smiles and laughs wherever they land. And, with more collectible Totally KooKoo characters to come, the fun has only just begun!”

Leading the first Totally KooKoo “flock” is a range of KooKoo Birds, including Totally KooKoo Bird ReTweets, animatronic featured plush that record everything they hear – in any language – and “retweet” it as they move their beak and flap their wings in sync. “ReTweeting” has never been so much fun! The Totally KooKoo ReTweets range touches down just in time for holiday 2011.

The new Totally KooKoo plush collection also includes 6” KooKoo Birds each in their own “try me” birdhouse box. Kids give their KooKoo Bird a squeeze to hear its unique KooKoo call or squeeze a little lower to get a special delivery – a mini KooKoo Bird inside an eggshell!

Among the additionalKooKoo Birds plush are 12” birds with daddy bird calls and 2” KooKoo Birds ready to tweet in their own “try me” birdhouse box and complete with a field guide presenting all of the KooKoo Birds in the series. And the biggest birds in the formation, 14” x 18” plush KooKoo Bird Pals with KooKoo calls, are as high-flying fun to play with as they are for kids and tweens to snuggle up to in their own “nest.”

TheTotally KooKoo cast of characters also features more than 100 collectible figurines, each with their own expressive eyes and colorful beaks. Kids can take their pick! The 1.25” birds are packaged in a special KooKoo Birds surprise foil bag with field guide. And the Totally KooKoo Clubhouse is complete with stickers and a nest for when KooKoo Birds need a rest. Also available are 2- and 4-pack box sets, which include helmet and goggles for KooKoo Birds to sport when they’re in the driver’s seat of their KooKoo Bird Cars!

Each colorful KooKoo Car includes interchangeable parts for creating a whole new imaginative vehicle. Kids simply place their KooKoo Bird inside the car and pull it back to let it “fly,” as the spring-loaded seat launches the bird into the air. The cars are outfitted with their own KooKoo Birds and stickers, so kids can personalize them in their own KooKoo way.

Rounding out the debut KooKoo Birds line is the KooKoo Cars Playset, a take-anywhere, snap-together game center, featuring 20” action launch ramp and road barrier for endless adventures. The sky’s the limit!

The Totally KooKoo collection will unleash additional “breeds” throughout the year, including the a-dog-able KooKoo Kennel and the KooKoo Pops monkeys, arriving at retail for holiday 2011.

About Jay at Play International

Jay at Play International was established in 2004 and is a Hong Kong-based company with a showroom in New York. The company’s products are distributed internationally through companies that TV-promote all of their brands. Following the worldwide success of its best-selling MushABellies line, Jay at Play is now launching TV campaigns in the U.S. for the first time with its Happy Nappers and Totally KooKoo brands. Jay at Play International is a subsidiary of Jay Franco & Sons, the industry leader in the Home Furnishing Industry.
We got to review one of the Koo Koo Bird collectibles.

What I Can Tell You:
These would be perfect for Easter Baskets!
The kids were excited to open the package. The bird is very cute and soft, very fluffy. We love his colors and his silly face. The kids shared him, taking him into their respective rooms. He is small enough to go to school with them and has.  While I personally thought, why would they be interested in this guy, he doesn't do anything, they were! So, the proof is in the pudding.


Goddess' birthday is coming up this week and we sat down to ask her what she wanted. She asked for more birds and the Koo Koo carrying case.
Which is reasonably priced at $11.99 at Toys R Us.

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary bird to facilitate this review.

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