Friday, January 07, 2011

Mama Flora's Family Now on DVD

Mama Floras Family

Based on the epic story by Roots author Alex Haley, this star powered miniseries is the sweeping chronicle of one family's unforgettable journey through the tragedies and triumphs of the 20th century. With a standout cast including Academy Award nominee Cicely Tyson (Roots), Blair Underwood (Deep Impact), Queen Latifah (Living Out Loud) and Mario Van Peebles (Highlander II), Flora's story begins amid the racial strife of the American south in the early 1900's. After losing her husband, Flora boldly heads north to make a fresh start. There she and her children are soon caught up in the struggles of the Great Depression, two devastating world wars and the chaos of the Civil Rights and Black Panther movements. On their generations-long quest for justice and identity in modern America, the only constant is Flora's unconditional love...a love that binds her beloved family with the one bond that can never be broken.
What I Can Tell You:

I sat down expecting to like this movie and ended up loving it.  I mean it is based on an Alex Haley book and full of great actors and actresses. Mama Flora (Cicely Tyson) is telling her life story to her granddaughter and great-grandchild. Young Mama Flora played by Erika Alexander brought me to tears.

Young Flora steals the eye of young Lincoln Flemming (Shemar Moore).  Her family "loans" her to his family
to do housework and tend to an elder family member. Flora falls in love with Lincoln and experiences first love. When she finds out that he is also seeing other woman she turns his advances down. She is forced back home.  We see her give birth. She holds her baby crying that it is the happiest day of her life.  Lincoln rides up stating that he is there for the baby. It is taken from a drained Flora right after birth as she screams and cries.

Her family ushers her out of town and she is on her own. She finds love again and has a son, Willie. When her husband is caught stealing for his families needs, he is shot and killed right in front of her.

Floras wants her son to have a good life. Willie grows up, has three children, and when Flora's first son comes looking for her, the family must come to gripes with many obstacles and challenges.

The movie is full of heartbreak, triumph, history, warmth, family and hope.

I deserves a second viewing which I hope to do this week. Very good movie.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy courtesy of Vivendi Entertainment for my honest opinion.

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