Saturday, January 15, 2011

Purex Is Changing the Way We Soften Our Laundry

As a Purex Insider I was offered the chance to try a new laundry product by Purex. I was in the hospital and then recovering when it came in but man was I impressed when I finally had a chance to experience this really different product.

What I Can Tell You:
The crystals go in at the start of the wash. Clary, girlfriend no more running downstairs at the rinse cycle for you to add softener. There are three scents available and they are all incredible.
* Fresh Spring Waters
* Lavender Blossom
* Tropical Splash
Unlike most other softeners Purex Complete Crystals are 92% natural, no oil based. Your clothes will seem cleaner because they will no longer be coated with an oil. The softener will be able to penetrate the fabric, adding a freshness that lasts for weeks instead of days. Without this oil, your towels will be much more absorbent. Now, that IS something I can stand behind.

Now, for the big one....did you know that children's sleepwear, which is made to be flame resistant and self-extinguish if it comes in contact with a flame. Oil based softeners coat our children's sleepwear with an oily residue which impairs the flame retardant qualities. Now, that IS scary. Well, it was scary until I learned about Purex Complete Crystals. I will never use oil based softeners again!

If this isn't enough to sway you about Purex Complete Crystals, lets talk about the crystals themselves. They smell so good, you will want to use them in your bath, in sachets and sprinkle them in your pillow. In fact, the only problem I see when you first buy Purex Complete Crystals, is that you will have more laundry. I washed all the towels and sheets in my linen closet in the first 3 days. I loved the smell that much.

You will be able to get Purex Complete Crystals Softener wherever you buy your laundry products. They officially went on sale at Walmart on December 28th. So, be in the know and be one of the first to try the newest way to soften your laundry.

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  1. I just got a bottle of this stuff and can't wait to try it. I love it when my laundry smells fresh and clean.
    arobimom at gmail dot com


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