Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dinosaur Train Has An New Episode, Airing Monday!

Monday, PBS' Dinosaur Train is roaring into 2011 with a new episode. We will be watching!

In the all-new episode, “The Good Mom;” “Diamond Anniversary,” Mrs. Pteranodon meets fellow mom Millie Maiasaura, who is a little too over-protective of her kids. The two moms share some time comparing mothering methods in a play date at the Big Pond.  And, Mr. and Mrs. Pteranodon decide to surprise each other with gifts on their anniversary.

Regarding the first part of this all-new episode, “The Good Mom,” you might be interested to know that Maiasaura, meaning "good mother lizard", was a large duck-billed dinosaur that lived in North America during the Late Cretaceous. There is evidence that Maisaura lived in large nesting colonies and that the parents diligently cared for their young!

To go along with the new season of Dinosaur Train. Kohls has Dinosaur Train stripped footed pajamas sized 2T-5T. What a perfect way, to keep your Dinosaur Train fan warm, during this very cold winter. BTW..they are on sale right now for $10.40!

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