Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Beginning The New Year With A Clean Slate - Pledge

Last month I wrote about the Pledge To Love Your Kitchen contest. Today, I want to talk to you about Pledge the Original Lemon Clean furniture polish that I have been using since I was old enough for chores.  

If you are like me, January is one of the cleanest months for your home. It's that time when the decorations come down and put back into storage, we make room for the new items that the holiday brought into our home and we organize our lives hoping that January brings the clean, fresh, life slate that we all crave. 

This past Sunday, after the removal of the tree and decorations that have graced my home over the last few weeks. I grabbed my rags, paper towel and Pledge...and headed into the living room/dining room on a mission. I sprayed, dusted, buffed, threw away, organized, and conquered the room, finally creating a clean, lemony, place that allowed me to put my feet up on the couch and just sit! 

Pledge, beside the fact that it is good for your wood, stainless steel, granite, laminate and leather without a waxy buildup, also protects your wood and more importantly in a home where my kids suffer from allergies, removes 90% of allergens because it contains Allergen Trappers. By using Pledge to dust you can remove allergens without them flying into the air when you clean.

I buy Pledge at least every 3 months and love having a new can. It is a name I have known my whole life and appreciate how they have grown and changed over the years with products such as:
  • Pledge Orange Clean
  • Pledge Dust & Allergen
  • Pledge Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner Sprays and Wipes 
  • And More
For more information on the entire family of Pledge products, please visit: www.pledge.com/Domore.

Disclosure: “This post was written for Family Review Network & SC Johnson who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.”

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