Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kids Are Natural Nature Lovers - Enjoy a Staycation in Your Own Backyard

When I was asked to asked to participate in a Backyard Safari Outfitters review, I was thrilled. My kids, like most kids are Nature lovers.

I had just come out of the hospital and the kids were home from school, so I figured what better time to open the box from Team Mom and Backyard Safari Outfitters.

We received a Cargo Vest, as well as a Bug Vacuum, and a Mega View Periscope.

Since I wasn't moving much that first day, the kids busied themselves playing safari in the house with their stuffed animals, binoculars and using the Mega View Periscope between the bedrooms. I love toys and accessories that they can play with together. They actually played for 2 hours sharing the vest and laughing at each other through the periscope. It was really fun to watch them "pretend" to be on a safari.

Since then we have taken to the outdoors. My daughter especially loves looking at bugs in her bug finder. Usually we have to scoop them up or through the bug finder over them, close the lid and look at them through the magnifing lens. The vacuum, scoops them up from a safe distance and then you flip the magnifing lens so you can get up and personal with the bug without ever having to touch it. Love that!
I love toys that force my kids to use their imagination and teach them something. Most kids love the outdoors and exploring and my kids are no different. The periscope is waterproof and we are excited to head to the lake with the periscope so we can see underwater without actually going into the lake.

The Backyard Safari Outfitter line includes over 30 different products. It's all the Essential Field Gear for anything, and everything, you want to do in nature.
What a great way to get your kids active and outdoors exploring and enjoying the nature that is around them.
These make great gifts!

Visit Backyard Safari Outfitters on Facebook for testimonials, pictures, information and video of their really cool products.
I will be getting all the summer birthday kids Backyard Safari Outfitter gifts from now on. 

Head to Summit Toy Shop for information on these items and prices.

Thanks to Team Mom and Backyard Safari Outfitters for this really wonderful opportunity. My kids are having a blast!


  1. Anonymous8:38 PM

    That is so cool!! Goddess looks so cute in these pictures. i need to look for this for my daughter.

  2. These are great looking toys, and I see that Goddess is having a ball using them - I love the picture of her with her eyes wide open, she is such a ham!
    I think I will look into these for my grandson for Christmas and his next birthday.
    Thanks for a terrific review.

  3. Great pictures of Goddess doing her Bindi Irwin impression :) These look like really fun toys that I, I mean my daughter, would have a blast with. She is forever wanting to pick up bugs with her bare hands, much to my dismay, so that bug vac is great!


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