Thursday, June 10, 2010

Febreeze Home Collection - No Spill Wood Diffuser

Febreeze is a very big name in my house. I use it all the time, especially to freshen linens, the couch, curtains and rugs. I love it! There are so many options and scents to choose from.

I was contacted to review one of the new Febreeze items from the Home Collection called Febreeze No Spill Wood Diffuser.

In the past we were big incense and candle burners (pre-kids). After kids I went to the plug in or time blast types. Last year, I tried some of the reed type fresheners that were on the market but always had to worry about placement, if they spilled or a child got near them, I could only imagine the clean up.
When I opened the Febreeze No Spill Wood Diffuser I thought, OK, how does the scent come through the wood. I couldn't imagine that this would work.

I put it on my hutch and waited. Nothing. I loved the smell when I was close to it but, otherwise I never smelled it. I asked everyone who came in if they smelled it. No one did. THEN, two days later (3 weeks ago now), I thought.....wait...what is that? I can totally smell it. I LOVE IT! The oil gets absorbed into the wood and diffuses through the air. LOVE IT!

It's pretty, and smells amazing!

It comes in 5 scents
  • Willow Blossom
  • Pomegranate Mango
  • Green Tea Citrus
  • Cranberry Pear
  • Honeysuckle Orchid
I received Honeysuckle Orchid and want to try Willow Blossom next. It makes a great hostess gift because it is pretty!

Disclaimer: I received the product for free from  MS&L and P&G in exchange for my honest review/opinion

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