Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Handsome Turns 7 Today - Happy Birthday My Baby Boy

I cannot believe it!

Where has the time gone? My little baby first born is 7 today!!!!
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Your parents and your sister love you very, very much. You are one of a kind and march completely to your own drum. After all is said and done you are funny, sensitive and sweet. Even when you are "telling" us how it IS, you back down and lie your head on me or come up behind me leaning on my back telling me, "I want to be good!" You are good just very opinionated.
April 29, 2010 (18)
7 Things I love About you!
  • I love how you still ask me to lie down with you
  • I love how you lean your head on me or hug me from behind
  • I love how you still listen to the same music every night that you have listened to since you were in the womb
  • I love the quiet of just being in the car with you alone. We don't feel the need to talk about nothing
  • I love how you take care of yourself in the morning. You are so independent and don't feel the need to wake us while you play your DS, put on a movie for yourself, read a book or play with your Star Wars figurines waiting for the house to wake
  • I love how predictable you are. Daddy and I always know what you are going to say
  • I love everything that makes you you! Everything about you from your big brown eyes to your crazy laugh
You are extremely intelligent, a great reader and speller. You currently love Hockey, Football and playing video games.  Your prefer being alone which is exactly how I used to be. You love watching home movies I put on video for you.  You are very aware of WHAT you want and are not afraid to tell someone, "let me concentrate please".
Elephant riding

We are so proud of all you have accomplished, from the child who started speech at 2 years old until now you have changed so much from here. No more tantrums, fights, tons of big boy words, advocating for yourself and not being too shy to ask for what you wanted.  You have made great strides from the boy who lost his balance easily, had no strength in his hands, couldn't pump his legs on a swing, open his own drinks or ask for what he wanted you are so different from just a few years ago. I love watching you on the playground, making friends and enjoying other kids company.

You are the only person who notices something different right away. "Wow, Mommy, Did you get your hair cut? I like it!"

You are very special and I know you will do amazing things.
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I cannot wait to see where you are next year. You amaze us with your memory and scary mind for numbers. You are a strong, funny, smart, handsome, sensitive boy who enjoys music and being with Mommy and Daddy. Between your allergies, ezcema and sensory processing issues, you accomplish so much. I could never do half of what you manage. We are so proud of you. I know you love to hear it, "you're proud of me?" so I am going to say it again!!! We are SO proud of you.

We love you baby and hope you have a wonderful birthday.

God bless you handsome you are my heart on legs and I adore you.

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  1. Happy birthday Handsome!

  2. Such a sweet post!! SEVEN, whoa! Happy Birthday Handsome...looking forward to seeing you guys :)))

  3. I hope he had a wonderful birthday and I'm hoping to see lots of birthday celebration pictures soon!
    Happy Birthday!

  4. Aww. My daughter, Sage, just turned 7 on May 11th, too! Here's to giving birth on Mother's Day.



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