Sunday, May 16, 2010

Perfect Baby - Preschooler DVD

As a mom with two children I have seen my share of kid DVD's.

I made a vow to myself early on that if the kids were going to watch TV, it was going to be educational, informative, engaging and entertaining.

When I got the opportunity to review a DVD geared toward babies and preschoolers and since I was such a viewer I considered myself a self proclaimed "expert" and said yes.

What I Can Tell You: I sat down to watch it thinking, OK, the kids are too old and I will, watch, review and pass along the information.  Putting the DVD in, it starts out with classical music and these little guys.

Goddess (5) comes in, sits down and says "can I watch?" I say "of course". We are two minutes in and Handsome (7) comes in and sits down. Making a mental note, I think, "interesting". The kids stand up and move toward the TV with me thinking, "OK, they are interested."

I am surprised, the DVD seems perfect for babies up to 3 years old but my kids are interested. Maybe it is the colors, maybe the puppets. I personally think it is a combination, of sing-song talking, music, movement, presentation, and puppets.

We have watched the DVD three times this week and we all sing the songs now. I believe it is a great, quality DVD to introduce your child to the world of song and movement with a very special sweet, child friendly host.

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  1. I watched the video--no wonder the kids are hooked! Very mesmerizing :) I love the little clock guy.


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