Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Music is Very Important to My Well Being - One eskimO - Review

My husband and I before kids were huge music fans with an extensive music collection and music was always on. When the "baby" turned 3.5 I started putting more music on during the day. Other than that it had only been lullabies or classical music. Handsome still listens to the music he used to listen to while inside me. I used to put the headphones on my belly and lie down for an hour a day after work.

I had not heard of One eskimO prior to this CD review. I also didn't know that the third song on the CD, is the most played song on all adult radio stations.

Hometime - This song slowly grew on me over the second time playing it. I am a big melody girl. And the melody was really pretty.
Astronauts - I loved how this song started. The piano piece was simple and pretty. After hearing it the second time I felt like I had heard it before. It is a really great song.
Kandi - I have heard this song before. I thought it was John Mayer the first time I heard it. It is easy to hear why it is the #1 song.

Slip - I loved how this song started. This is probably my least favorite on the CD. I didn't moved me.
Simiple Day - The guitars are really pretty. I love acoustic guitar and the calmness of the sound. This was reminiscent of Jason Mroz for me. I like when the voices blended on the chorus.
Givin Up - I didn't like the start of the song but eventually it kicked in and was reminiscent of Seal.
Chocolate - I think I will be listening to this often.

All Balloons - I like the sound and the stop and start of the versus. Very easy breezy song that reminded me of something I would hear in a coffee house while sipping and watching people go by.
Chosen One - I believe this is my second favorite next to the Astronaut song. Really pretty sound and reminds me of just laying in my apartment during a rain storm listening to music alone.

UFO - This is a really great song. I love all the tones in it. There is so much going on. Loved it.
Amazing - Nice, the words didn't kick in for 40 seconds. At first I thought it was going to be instrumental. I really loved this too.

I think that One eskimO has a very interesting sound and I appreciate how different they are.



  1. Anonymous7:50 PM

    I heard of the group but did not recognize the song. He did sounded like John Mayer.

  2. Never heard of them, but my first impression was favorable--reminded me of John Mayer crossed with Maroon 5!


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