Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Father's Day Is Next Month - Do Something Dad Will Love

Where I live people go camping all the time. Every Monday someone or another has some camping photos on their Facebook page from the weekend before. As someone who has gone camping one time in my life I don't know if it is something my kids would love. Sleeping in a camping tent might sound good until you are actually doing it.

Today I had a conversation with a friend who went camping this weekend. She and her family love it and they don't even all have actual tents. They use tarps and such. We two tents and we sent them up in the dining room at times for the kids to play and sleep in every once in a while but sleeping outdoors? That is something I am not sure of. The bugs would make me their feast for the night.
Picture 1383

With Father's Day coming next month I started thinking that this is a great way to really spend some time together. Going camping with your husband and kids means that you have to count on each other for comfort and company. There are no TVs or computers. Sounds great already!

I would so go camping if we had a tent that looked like this...
I mean really! That is like the mansions of camping tents. I could totally live in this tent. It is the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster™ 6-8 Screened Tent.

Then I would need a portable BBQ and plumbing, air mattress and a really comfortable sleeping bag but....if it was hotter than 75 I would need a fan.

Seriously, with so many of my neighbors and kids classmates heading out to the woods in nothing but tarps or a small camping tent. Who am I? The Queen of Sheba. 

Note to Self: Talk of with the husband and gauge his interest.


  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    LMAO!!! I am not that fond of camping either but that tent is awesome!!!

  2. You are a better woman than I am! There is no way I will ever go camping again... I did it once with my first husband and hated it - but that could have been because of him!
    But, I AM the Queen of Sheba, TeeHee, I consider it roughing it if I have to get UP out of bed to call room service. :-)
    If you decide to go, have fun!!

  3. Camping with tarps? Hmmm...sounds too spider-y and mosquito-y to me. I bet your husband would think that is a lovely suggestion for Father's Day. There are places that have "rustic" cabins you can rent if tents aren't your thing (they are a good idea for novice campers). The ones in my area are super small but relatively cheap, and a whole lot easier than setting up a tent! Maybe there are similar cabins in your area.

  4. Great photo!

    I'm going camping this weekend, in the 1000 islands.... but we're snobs, as we have a trailer. We don't sleep in tents, well, my sister does from time to time, but I am too city for that! LOL


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