Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Whose it going to be...Kat or Taylor???

Tonight Katherine and Taylor each sang three songs.

Kat sang Black Horse and Cherry Tree, Somewhere over the Rainbow and her new single My Destiny.

Taylor sang Living for the City, Levon, and his single Do I make you Cry.

According to the judges...Taylor took the first round, Kat took second and as for Simon...Taylor took IDOL!!!

I have to say that Kat sounded great on Somewhere.. but as for her single. I thought it was boring, flat, pitchy, and unclimatic. Blakkkk...

Taylor was awesome on Living for the City, he was ok on Levon and he was ok on Do...



  1. Hey, Maria! Thanks for the visit. Feel free to snatch that meme. I did! I would like to read your answers.


  2. ok I have to agree that Kat on that last song actually hurt my ears!!! I was like oh.my.gosh.turn.it.off!!!

    I loved Taylor last night and would be happy for either of them really.


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