Tuesday, May 16, 2006

American Idol - Top 3

Tonight the contestants will sing 3 songs each. The first chosen by Clive, the second by a judge, the third is contestant's choice.

Before I get into songs....what the hell is up with Paula. She is one crazy chick! Fallening all over Simon, talking about double sided tape, glassy eyes, etc...weirdo

Elliott started with Open Arms by Journey. Elliott sounded awesome. Love the smooth, smokey effortless sound of his voice.

Side note: My cousin is the lead singer in a Journey cover band "Seperate Ways". Check it out if you have a chance. You won't find anyone who sounds closer to Steve Perry than Danny!

Oh yeah...back to Idol

Randy - Little problem in the chorus but you worked it out
Paula - Excellent voice tonight. Great job
Simon - Great choice, not great a little stiff

Kat's first song was R. Kelly's I Believe I can fly. I love the song, she looks incredible but I thought it wasn't great. She does too many runs. Just sing honey. No reason to go overboard.

Randy - Not the right thing for you
Paula - You look amazing
Simon - Apart from some bum notes you created a moment for yourself.

Taylor's first song was Dancing in the Dark by Brrruuuucceeee. I can't wait for Taylor to sing. I love Taylor. He sounded great to me and I knew he would.

Randy - You know how to have a good time
Paula - ??? she said - Something about double sided tape
Simon - It was Ok!!

Paula chose What you Won't do for love for Elliott. Love the shirt. He sounds good but it was just ok for me.

Randy - Not best performance
Paula - Amazing soul and R & B sound
Simon - Not best song. Style suited you. I thought you sounded pretty good.

Simon chose Somewhere Over the Rainbow for Kat. There she is on the floor again. I love people who can sing acapella. She looks amazing. She fortunately kept the runs to a minimum. It was a great vocal.

Randy - Best vocal of the season for you
Paula - You sounded great and you didn't go overboard
Simon - Very happy for you. Best performance of the season

Randy chose You are so Beautiful for Taylor. I was hoping for some Bob Seegar but Joe Cocker is cool. He of course sounded great.

Randy - Great tender moment
Paula - Not only do you look like a star. You are a star
Simon - Far away your best performance

Elliott is singing I believe to my Soul by Ray Charles. He sounded nasally to me. I didn't love it.

Randy - You can sing. Good job.
Paula - No one can sing songs like that
Simon - Not going to carry you through to the next week.

Kat chose I ain't got nothing but the Blues. It was ok! Would have liked something a bit more contemporary.

Randy - It was ok
Paula - Your magic was Over the Rainbow. Great job
Simon - Overall good night I just wish you could have ended up with the middle song

Taylor chose Try a little Tenderness by Otis Redding. Is there nothing this cat can't do. Soul Patrol Baby! Soul Pa-trol!! He is good no matter what.

Randy - I have a new name for you, "Have a good time funky Taylor"
Paula - You did an incredible job
Simon - Smart choices, hideous ending.

If I was voting...uh, this is hard...they are all pretty good...but I would vote for Taylor.

My choice to leave...Elliott


  1. Maria, After reading so many blogs about American Idol.. do you think maybe you need a hobby girl? lol

  2. Thankfully it is ending soon. Then I can get my life back. I am actually not sure how my blog turned into a part time American Idol blog. It has been fun though. It keeps the mind fresh!

  3. thanks again for the info girlfriend cuz I missed it last night!!!
    I think Taylor is going to win for sure, now that Chris is out, I think Taylor's got it!


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