Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Big Baby Boy!

I am two days late but I wanted to say that I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday Baby. We already celebrated your birthday, I have already written in your Love Letter Book.

Waiting to open presents. Love the candle! It gets lit every year until his 21st birthday.

The cake has been eaten and the gifts played with but I really just want to let you know just how much I love you sweetie. You and your little muppet face make my heart smile. I love watching, listening to you and playing with you. You are so much fun and so funny. You also have the uncanny ability to make me absolutely crazy.

Handsome loves the Happy Birthday song

Lately you have taken to whining instead of talking and throwing all kinds of tantrums to get your way and that is something I am running out of patience for. Mommy and Daddy are really good about trying to hear you out or deflecting the situation but lately it has gotten a bit difficult. You like watching us get crazy and running out of patience! You look that power don't you little man?!

Beside are so cute, funny and always make us laugh. We both want to be the one you ask for when you are hurt, or want to go to bed. When you give unsolicited hugs or kisses, I swear that you could take sole responsibility for world peace, if only everyone had a little Handsome in their life!

Here he is opening gifts of my Aussie friends.
He got a Wiggle kite, Dorothy the dinosaur beanie and a Jeff shirt. Funny because we got him Anthony and Murphy shirts. Now he just needs Greg's shirt and we are Wiggled out! World's apart and we think the same.

After opening some gifts he needed a milk break

Then he opened some gifts from Tia in California..he got a Wiggle Dance Mat and Magnetic activity boards. So cool!

Ten things I love about you:

I love that you hug and kiss your sister and ask for her when she is napping.
I love that you laugh hysterically while watching America's Funniest Videos. That's my boy!!
I love that you say, "a hug" with your arms up when I sing something you like or when you have done something that I am about to discover. You are always hugging. Most moms at the Mom and Tot group usually are telling their kids to stop hitting or pushing. Not me...I am usually saying, "Handsome stop hugging!" Some kids don't like it and it does get you pushed at least once.
I love watching you play, sing and dance. You always looks so happy!
I love that you want me to sing to you and you smile while listening. It always makes me tear up.
I love looking into your big brown eyes and seeing myself and Daddy. We did a good job. Too bad he is done making babies (we make really cute ones)
I love that you don't like soda, chips, candy, ice cream and cake (for now anyway)
I love that you love learning. I get to live one of my childhood wish jobs (to be a teacher)
I love that you play with my hair
I love how you are always so enthusiastic. You are always ready to laugh, run, play, jump, and sing.

I love everything about you baby boy.

I remembering telling everyone when you were about 2 or 3 months old that you were going to have a permanent kiss mark on your forehead because I couldn't stop kissing you. Here we are three years later and I still can't stop kissing you. You truly are my heart on legs!

I love you so much,

Love, Mommy


  1. awwww that was soooooo sweet!!! what beautiful children you have!
    and really beautifully written!!
    I love the " my heart on legs!"
    Happy Birthday to Jesse

  2. Lala, thank you so much! He really is my heart on 2 legs but oh man he can make me absolutely crazy.

  3. That was such a sweet tribute. I love these Mommy "I love you..." lists. They're wonderful.

    Happy birthday, Jesse!!

  4. Well thanks so much! So easy to write right?? Especially when the target is my favorite little guy!

  5. Suzanne,
    The "Love Letters to Jesse" book and also the one for my daughter are books that I hope to take to into adult hood. I haven't figured out quite when I am giving them to them yet. I started Jesse's the first day I put him into daycare before starting back at work. My first entry...I am sitting in Barnes and Nobles, sipping a coffee, writing in your book and trying not to go pick you up. I just put you into daycare for an hour so that I can try to get myself used to the idea of starting work and not spending every hour with you....

    Skye's I started in the hospital. I am trying to keep it to milestones and special occassions.

    Since I lost my mom so young (12) I have this thing about creating a legacy for my children so that they will know me.

    Good luck with the Love Letter Book. Elizabeth will love it. I wish I had something like this from my mom.

    The candle I got online for both of them. Hallmark has it too. I love that when we are celebrating their 21st birthday, we are lighting the same candle that celebrated their first birthday. Hopefully I can keep it from getting damaged for the next 18/20 years.


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