Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dead Idol Walking - Princess P

Tonight we found out who the top 4 are.

Taylor - safe
Chris - safe - Duh!
Paris - bottom
Elliott - bottom
Katherine - safe

Elliott is told to sit and Paris is left standing. It is interesting to watch the montage' of Paris moments because there were tons of tears whenever someone was let go in the beginning. As we get closer to the end, I haven't seen any tears! Sup wit that yo!? Maybe I am just trying to create drama where there is none.


  1. ok so I guess you are in a different time zone than me cuz we don't get the results till later!! so Paris is out eh!! well I have to say that I am happy......I like the remaining 4 so it is going to be tuff.......I would like to know who Holli chose to win??!!! I hear she is accurate!! I still think Chris will win....wonder who is next!

  2. I missed it this week, so I'm glad to wee the results here. I'm not surprised, although I think that girl can SING!

  3. Lala - I agree..I think Chris will win.

    Averagemom - That girl CAN sing. It is a hard season because the remaining few are really talented. I don't think there has been a season like this where it could really be any of them.


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