Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Who Is Watching Emily In Paris on Netflix?

So, who is watching Emily in Paris? I know I am late to the party but why are so many people into it? I mean I get it! I'm hooked after seeing so many of my Facebook friends talk about it but why?

The series was created by Darren Star and if that name looks familiar it is because back in the day, we saw it every Sunday on Sex And The City. So, while this is being billed as a Sex And The City in Paris I don't see it, however I am into it. 

Basically, Emily lives in Chicago and suddenly finds herself offered a lifetime opportunity to go work in Paris as a Social Media Strategist. She makes friends easily, has a wonderful job opportunity, wears adorable outfits which always seem to be trendy and expensive, meets really cute guys and has a massive social media following that grows with every post she puts up. 

While I have read a few articles about lack of diversity, I tend to just watch a show because it either appeals to me or doesn't. Is it worth my time? Does it make me laugh? Does it jump the shark? Is the premise entertaining? So far, it has been enjoyable and I'm not sure if it is because I Lily Collins is an ingenue who reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face or if she kinda reminds me of my niece but whatever it is I am 4 episodes in and enjoy it. 

Am I in for the long haul? I don't know, we shall see. As I get older, what I spend time on has changed. I wanted it to be thoroughly enjoyable or I'm out!

Why are people into it? Are we looking for another Sex And The City? Do we all long to leave America? Is the thought of being a young influencer appeal to us? Emily, I assume is 24 but her wide eyed gaze makes her seem so much younger. In the current episode she was called "Basic" by some crusty old designer because of her purse charms. I can see that. I think most influencers on Instagram are "basic" and many of the accounts I scan past are truly basic. All the girls are dressing the same, look the same, copy the poses and posts. It is all very basic but maybe basic is okay.

I get it everyone wants to just fit in. My daughter on the other hand thinks basic is boring and doesn't understand why everyone wants to be the same nor does she care to fit in. I wish I was that girl but I'm not. Happy to have raised one but fitting in was something I wanted when I was growing up. Never felt like I did and maybe that is why I raised her to be however she wants to be. We usually watch TV together but we are not watching this show together. I don't think she would like it. I think she would find the character annoying. This weekend I am going to have her watch the first two episodes with me to see how she feels about it. 

What about you? Are you watching? 

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