Wednesday, January 12, 2022

My Life In Pictures - June 1 - June 14

 June 1 - This happy Jumping Spider's face says it all!

June 2 - Nothing but class photos which I cannot share.

June 3 - Driving and listening to music with my girl. One of my favorite things to do. 

June 4 - A huge moth spotted at work. I needed to take a photo.

June 5 - Burying my dad with my mom. 

June 6 - My kids have their Father's Day frames all ready for their photos to be put in and wrapped up.

May 9 - They are so cute!

June 10 - Just watching our ducks cool off in the creek after eating.

June 11 - Lunch and sangria. SOOOOO good.

June 12 - My daughter's dress design going down the runway on her model. 

June 13 - I have wanted to make one for so long. This is a Dollar Tree Pizza Pan with a placemat. All items from Dollar Tree.

June 14 - Getting some juice after the gym. It was amazing

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