Wednesday, January 12, 2022

My Life In Pictures - May 1 - May 15

 May 1 - I love this little area my husband set up by the creek. Those purple flowers are stunning with all that rock texture.

May 2 - Filtered me!

May 3 - My class painting their Mother's Day frames. They took such pride in their work and picking their moms's favorite colors. 

May 4 - Sometimes I take photos of songs I hear in the car so I can remember them for later. It isn't often I hear "new" music that I like.

May 5 - Just photos of my classes painted frames with their photo in it that I cannot share. 

May 6 - Jinxy and his whiskers!

May 7 - Mother's Day Meal at Outback.

May 8 - We added some yellow to the area. It looks great. 

May 9 - Me and My girl in filter. 

May 10 - One of my 2 year old's drawing a Q. I was so proud! This is totally a Q.

May 11 - How did this guy turn 18? I cannot believe it. He was only 2 when I started blogging. 

May 12 - Walking around with my girl and my sciatica pain. I spent years tying her shoes and now she ties mine. 

May 13 - Another set of baby birds! Hooray.

May 14 - My assistant's mom brought in a guinea pig for my class to see and touch. They loved it. 

May 15 - Just a hula hoop wreath I made for my ugly door.

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