Monday, April 12, 2021

What Is the Passing Rate of CCNP?

What is the pass rate of Cisco Network Engineer CCNP? This is a question that many people who want to pass the Cisco CCNP but are worried about whether they can pass. Today, I will answer this question for you.

CCNP is a senior network engineer in Cisco Certification System. Obtaining CCNP Certificate can give you more opportunities and higher treatment. Correspondingly, CCNP Certificate is more difficult than CCNA, but it is easier than CCIE.

But do you know that in fact, whether it's CCNA Certification or CCNP Certification, in most cases, you only need to memorize the exam questions to pass the exams. Generally speaking, the pass rate of Cisco CCNA is as high as 100%, and that of CCNP is generally more than 80%. Of course, through high-level training and learning, prepare for the exam on the basis of a solid grasp of technology, the pass rate is still 100%.

The pass rate of reciting exam questions is 100%, and the pass rate of training is 100%. The biggest difference between those two is that the process of systematic training and learning is completely different from reciting exam questions, and the value of the final certificate is also completely different. Although the exam pass rate of Cisco Network Engineer CCNP is very high, I hope you will try your best to learn through the way of systematic learning, and wait until the knowledge is well integrated before you take the exam. The pass rate will be higher, and the knowledge you learn will become the nutrient for your growth, which will also be more helpful for your future work and study. For example, the CCNP pass rate of SPOTO is as high as 100%.

As we all know, compared with CCNA Certification and CCNP Certification, the value of CCIE Certification will be much higher. The corresponding CCIE test's difficulty is also different from CCNA and CCNP. Relatively speaking, the difficulty will be much higher. Even if you pass the written exam by memorizing the exam questions, The new CCIE lab is not easy to pass by memorizing the questions, because you must have good operation ability, which can only be achieved through a long time. Therefore, the passing rate of CCIE Certification will be much lower than that of CCNA Certification and CCNP Certification.

Therefore, the passing rate is directly proportional to your efforts. If you want to improve the chance of passing, you should try to work on the questions, not just recite the exam questions.

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