Thursday, April 22, 2021

4 Travel-Themed Decor Items Perfect for the Home

It’s always fun and exciting to give your home a fresh makeover. Even if you’re not going all out, knocking down walls, ripping out flooring, and tackling a massive project, sometimes just the little changes can have a huge impact on how the home looks and feels. One of the best ways to go about decorating your home is to choose items that speak to you, your personality, and your interests, and if you happen to love all things travel-related, you have the perfect theme to pick.

Here we’ll take a look at four travel-themed décor items for your home that can really elevate the style of the rooms and help to update the space. 

Showcase Travel Collections from Various Trips

Many travel buffs will tell you that there is one specific item they like to purchase or look for in each destination they visit. It’s that memento that they bring home which, over timebecomes a rather impressive and unique collection. These sorts of collections can actually work as the perfect décor items that can either be displayed together, or used as a running theme throughout the entire house.

Customized Framed Maps - the Perfect Way to Show Off Your Passion

One of the best ways to show off your love for travelling is to feature a selection of framed maps that showcase your favourite destinations around the world. There is such a wide array of these styles of maps to choose from with some simply displaying the coordinates - which will take a real travel buff to understand what location it is. Sites like Craft & Oak are useful to check out if this is the kind of décor that you’re after.

Create a Photo Wall of Memories

If you consider yourself a bit of an amateur photographer who tends to take tons of pictures while on holiday, then you can create your own travel-themed décor. A photo wall of memories will not only be beautiful, but you can change out these photos as you like. This will keep the wall fresh at all times, and always interesting. Make sure that whatever wall you choose, it’s one that is noticeable in the house.

Use Destinations to Inspire Your Color Theme

Then there is the color them you choose throughout the home. This will show up in the furniture, paint color, flooring, and décor. Your color theme is really the one item that ties everything together and creates that sense of cohesion. So, why not pick a color theme that reflects your love of a particular destination? For example, maybe you visited a lively, bright, and populated city that has stuck with you. So, why not take all those colors that you saw, that gave you life and inspired you, and translate it into the color palette in your homeThis project may take a bit more time and work, as it can involve a lot of different aspects, but the end result can be truly spectacular.

These are just some of the travel-themed décor and design choices that you can make in your home.

Source Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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