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Weird Science For Girls - You Were Made For Me by Jenna Guillaume


YA author Jenna Guillaume is back with a fun and modern feminist twist on the 1985 pop cult film Weird Science

Sixteen-year-old Katie Camilleri can’t believe she’s accidentally created a teenage boy. A boy six-feet tall with floppy hair and eyes like the sky on a clear summer’s day. A boy whose lips taste like cookie dough and whose skin smells like springtime. A boy completely devoted to Katie. But silly musings and kitchen antics with her best friend, Libby, have definitely taken a whimsical twist into something bigger than Katie could have ever daydreamed. Turns out the consequences of fumbling a human being into existence are rather complicated. More importantly, does Guy, the golden Adonis Katie’s created, like her because he wants to, or because he has to? And will he be Katie’s very first kiss?

From the author of What I Like About Me comes a hilarious feminist twist on a classic narrative, loaded with laughs, mishaps, and plenty of 80s and 90s pop-culture callbacks. Jenna Guillaume’s entertaining romantic comedy novel features a humorous and relatable voice and will appeal to fans of Jenny Han.

The 411:

Overall a very enjoyable book. I absolutely love this premise. Based on Weird Science the movie from the 80s, two friends (Katie and Libby) somehow create the perfect fantasy guy for Katie after she realizes she will never get her crush Declan.  Guy magically appears and is everything Katie had asked for. He is devoted to her, smells like springtime, lips taste like cookie dough, and is literally the perfect male specimen.

Some of my favorite parts of the book were where Katie and Libby are doing a voice over as I read  the story of how "Guy" came to be and all their fun, humorous back and forth as well as how innocent Guy is! I mean how could he not be? He was just created. 

I also loved Katie's friend Theo the next door forever friend who is always there for her including now holding her "perfect boyfriend" so she doesn't get caught.

This fun, innocent read for grades 7+ made me laugh and entertained me.  I highly recommend it.


Okay, the day WE created a boy. We being Libby and me. Better? 

Yes. As long as you don’t talk about brushing your teeth again. Are we going to have to go over every bowel movement you’ve had in the last few months, too?

LIBBY! …Do you not think I can do this? 

Don’t even. Of course you’re the best person for the job. But every good writer needs a good editor, right? 

Well. I don’t know about “good…

” I swear— But I do know I’ve got a story to tell. And I can only tell it my way. My story—our story—is wild…and completely unbelievable. It’s also absolutely 100 percent true. Well, no truth is absolute. Everything is subjective. Okay. It’s my absolute truth.

All I can do is lay it out there. No matter how hard or embarrassing it might be. Especially when it’s embarrassing or hard, because then you’ll know I really am telling the truth. What you make of it from there, of course, is entirely up to you. 

Now, where was I… Right. 

The day we created a boy. It started out like any other “Declan Bell Jones is the perfect guy,” I said with a sigh.

(I’ve skipped to the interesting part, as Libby requested. Well, not the really interesting part—that comes a little later—but the lead-up is important, trust me.

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Jenna Guillaume was the editor-at-large for BuzzFeed Australia, where she wrote about very important things like pop culture, identity, feminism, social media, and Chris Hemsworth’s biceps. Previously, she spent more than half a decade in the features department of Girlfriend magazine, editing the sealed section (yes, all those questions are real), and writing about everything from bullying and body image to bad kisses and boy bands. She was also a contributor to Girlfriend Life Hacks, an essential guide to navigating a girl’s completely-awkward-but-totally-awesome teen years. You can visit her website here.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary book for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered. 

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