Sunday, March 07, 2021

New Picture Books About Body Positivity and Change - Book Review

A joyful, body-positive picture book about a young Indian American girl's journey to accept her body hair and celebrate her heritage after being teased about her mustache.

The 411: 

I had/have one as a young girl and now as a woman I take care of it and as the mother of a daughter who also has a moochy as they call it in this story I was so interested in reading this book. My now 15 year old came home when she was in 1st grade to tell me that the kids at school told her she had a moustache. She wasn't upset just now conscious of it. Which made me so sad. Now at 15 she doesn't talk about it as much and we have worked on it a few times but it is sad that those who do have facial hair are teased about it.  

In this story Laxmi's Mooch is becomes something everyone wishes they had which made me so happy. Many girls have facial hair and are conscious of it. After telling her mother about how she felt about the hair on her face, body and knuckles her mom explained that many have hair on their bodies and the reason it is there. It was exactly needed to hear to empower her to embrace her body and be proud of it!  I loved the end where there was a line of kids waiting for their mooch to be drawn on so they too could have one! Very cute! 

Wish this book was around for my daughter but so glad it is around now! If you have a girl with a mooch get this book! Empower our daughters until they can decide if they want to remove it or embrace it forever!


Coquí in the City by Nomar Perez

A heartfelt picture book based on the author-illustrator's own experiences, about a boy who moves to the U.S. mainland from Puerto Rico and realizes that New York City might have more in common with San Juan than he initially thought.


The 411: 

This adorable story about a little boy named Miquel moving from Puerto Rico to New York City with his family and having to leave her little coqui was so cute. The colorful illustrations and his sweet smiling face holding the little FROG were my classes favorite. They loved pointing out everything from the frog, to the dogs, all the colors and the people. I loved asking open ended questions so they could point things out. Where is man with the yellow shirt and yellow hat? Where is the white poodle? Where is the pizza shop? They love pointing to things. 

I think this story of a little boy who misses his home, Abuelas and the sounds of his beloved coqui was very sweet. It is hard to move to a new home but especially to move to a whole different location with new sights, sounds and the busyness of the city.  Seeing him come to terms with his new location and even embracing the sounds of the city was very cute. As someone who moved too many times I can tell you as a child leaving what you know is especially hard but knowing others understand and survived it and even thrive in it help make you feel less unsure. We can find our culture all around us if we look!

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