Sunday, March 07, 2021

Drop by Emily Kate Moon Is A Fun Way To Learn About The Water Cycle - Book Review


Drop by Emily Kate Moon


A water ride like you've never experienced before, featuring the cutest drop of water in all of precipitation! With delightful panache and a steady stream of funny one-liners, Drop takes readers on an adventure through the water cycle and beyond. Filled with irresistible artwork, funny asides, and a steady sprinkle of kid-enticing facts, Drop is the story about water you never knew you were thirsting for.

The 411:

I love DROP! Such a cute character. My class loved Drop too! How do you get a bunch of toddlers to sit and listen to you read? Read them a story that is quick, easy and has an adorable character. 

Emily Moon explains the states of water and the 3 water cycles through a tiny blue character on pages on less busy pages. Whether Drop is a gas, liquid or solid they are always smiling! Love! Love! 

Love this book that is educational while reader or listener friendly. How cute is this little droplet of water?! 

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