Thursday, March 11, 2021

5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Revamp Up Your Home


If you’re getting bored of looking at the same four walls day in and day out, but a total home makeover is out of the question, there are still a few cost-effective options that will do the trick. With the right upgrades and a few creative touches, you can transform your space. Here are a few budget-friendly ideas to help you update your home.

Swap the Doors


First impressions count, and when you approach a home, the first you see is the front door. It is no wonder that most people will judge a home by this important feature before they even step foot in it. If a lick of paint won’t do, then invest in a brand-new door. While you’re at it, check out the doors in the rest of your property—are they looking worse for wear? Transform the look of each room by swapping out the doors for a contemporary replacement. Apart from the aesthetics, replacing old doors could improve insulation and home security, plus they are straightforward and simple to install. All you need is your chosen door and a few tools. Tradefix Direct has a good selection of trade quality tools and accessories that will help you get the job done.

Add a Splash of Paint

A splash of color correctly applied to your walls can make a room pop. Consider a vivid statement wall in the living room to jazz up your living space. Bright colors are not for everyone, and a subtle paint job in a neutral color can give a home the facelift it needs too. Furniture can be given a boost in the same way. Repainting a tired-looking wardrobe or those washed-out cabinets can make them look as good as new. Get creative with paint and try to identify areas of the home that could be improved with a new color. Old bathtubs, faucets, and door handles are great places to start.

Rethink Your Fixtures


Most of the time, a total makeover is not necessary to revamp a home. For example, instead of replacing the entire kitchen sink, give it a whole new look by replacing the faucets. Light switch outlets and plates can also be swapped out with a new set for a more stylish, modern design.

Improve the Air Quality

Installing an air conditioner can help circulate and filter the air you breathe indoors. They are a practical option for people with portable AC units scattered about the home. Portable AC can be an eyesore; they do not always do the job and can be a trip hazard. Not only can a permanent air conditioner improve the air you breathe while providing an optimum temperature all day long, but it can also keep your floor space free.

Relight Your Rooms


There are two different routes to go down with this one. If your home is looking dark and dreary, it could be that you need to switch up the bulbs. As a general rule, rooms for socializing match well with a soft white 2200-2700K light bulb, whereas rooms that require some level of concentration, such as a kitchen or home office, should be lit with a brighter 2500-6000K light. If you want to go one step further, then give some thought to replacing the light fixtures. This is a cost-effective way that enables you to restyle your rooms to a certain extent, and a new set can help modernize your home.

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