Saturday, June 20, 2020

Outdoor Patio Design Tips

Now that summer is here, and the weather is getting warmer and sunnier, a lot 
of us will want to sit outside. Whether you are relaxing with a drink at the end of 
a long day, hosting a garden party or barbecue, or even working from home, an 
outdoor patio area is an ideal place to soak up the sun.

However, a lot of the time our outdoor living areas can end up neglected in favor 
of us spending that time on indoor projects. If you want to spruce up your 
outdoor living space to entertain guests or just relax with your own family, a 
patio is a great idea. 

Whether you are designing a patio area from scratch or working with an existing 
patio, this article will hopefully provide some useful and inspirational design tips!

Designing and Building a Patio

If you are designing a new patio for your backyard, you will want to consider 
several different factors. The size of your backyard is important to consider – 
smaller backyards may not have room for both a patio and a lawn, in which case 
having a patio cover the entire space may be the best option. If your outdoor 
space is bigger, separate patio and lawn sections can look very stylish, and give 
you the option to delineate the boundaries with features such as steps (if you are
considering a raised patio), walls, or flowerbeds.

While square or rectangular patios are most common and usually most practical, 
circular patios are also popular if you want your outdoor space to have a stylish 
centerpiece! Experimenting with paving designs can give your patio a personal 
touch – for example, varying the size, shape, and/or material (e.g. concrete, 
flagstone, limestone) of the slabs can create some really artistic effects!

Roofs and Pergolas 

Outdoor patio roofs are a popular way of providing shelter from the elements. 
Roofs are typically made of materials such as glass, plastic, wood, or even 
waterproof fabrics. If you want the stylish design of an archway without 
permanent shade and shelter from the sun, a crossbeam pergola may be a better

If you want the best of both worlds, a louvered roof system is a modern solution. 
A louvered roof is a roof that can be opened, closed, and adjusted to suit your 
needs. Louvered roofs can be either closed completely for shelter, opened 
completely, or adjusted somewhere in between, like blinds on a window! 
Louvered roofs are the most versatile solution, enabling you to enjoy nature 
whatever the weather. There are many places where you can buy personalized 

Patio Lighting

beautiful lighting setup can be the finishing touch for an outdoor space. When 
deciding how to light your patio area, there are plenty of options. Traditional ​
outdoor lighting setups include lanterns, which can be hung from walls, pillars, or
trees, or even just placed on a tabletop. Lanterns are an incredibly versatile 
lighting option, and also often provide a rustic aesthetic if that is your style.

String lights and hanging pendant lights are also very common and can provide a
cozy and serene ambiance to your patio area. For obvious reasons, it is usually 
unsafe to connect outdoor lights to the mains in your house, so outdoor lights 
usually use batteries, which are often solar-powered.

Using combinations of lights can allow you to layer light, creating shadows and 
highlights in the desired places. Combined with landscaping choices and different
textures, this can really bring the space to life!

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