Wednesday, June 10, 2020

My Life In Pictures - April 23 - 30

April 23 - OMG I am in love with my daughter's cardboard and Exacto knife artwork. So pretty!

April 24 - It was a beautiful night. These are my favorite color combinations. 

April 25 - The drawing prompt was Quest. She said she was drawing  girl on a boat looking over at the waves and the horizon but she is not sure it looks like she is on a boat. I saw it before she even told me what it was.

April 26The Kramer has been bestowed to the girl. After sitting in a guitar bag for over 17 years my husband finally relinquished his beloved guitar to our daughter. They may have not thought it was a big deal that needed to be memorialized but I thought it was beautiful. Shot taken over my shoulder to not take away from the moment ♥️
April 27Scrapbooking some old pics from my grandparents house and wanted to add some paper beside photos. Found this letter from my Uncle dated June 17 1969 from when he was in the Army. We should all get back to writing. I love that my grandparents kept this letter inside the envelope.  

April 28 - I haven't been to my classroom since March 13th but with my preschool still open and a few of my kids and co-workers still there I decided to drop off some fun Summer items for them to play with and my co-worker requested dark chocolate. It was nice to see them all and I was happy to do it!

April 29 - The prompt was sprout. I am amazed how she takes a prompt and thinks outside the box using her own skills and style. I would have probably put a little bud in a planter but this is why she is an artist and I am a doodler.

April 30 - My little doodle. She reminds me of Pat Benetar for some reason and I think it is because of her mouth. 

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