Monday, June 29, 2020

My Life In Pictures - May 1 - May 7

May 1 - The "New Normal". I don't like it. I want my old normal but my son looks adorable even though I can only see his ear, neck and arms. He is wearing one of his favorite shirts.

May 2 - I made fried dandelions and they were amazing. It is a ton of work because you have to rinse them a bunch of times before using them and I probably ate at least one tiny ant because every time I rinsed there still seemed to be ants but I would do it again!

May 3 - My daughter doesn't eat much but she does love veggies so I asked if she would try stuffed peppers. She said yes but was very specific in what she allowed in it. No meat, no breadcrumbs, no anything. She just wanted rice, Italian seasoning and she added hot sauce. Very plain to me but she ate all 4.

May 4 - Me only better. Thank you Snapchat!

May 5 - I allowed myself to take a few hours to read. I always feel so guilty when I am doing nothing around the house but it was a good book and a beautiful day. 

May 6 - The birds have left the nest. They hopped around the deck for a few hours providing much entertainment for my 3 cats.  This little guy and Luna stared at each other for 15 minutes. 

May 7 - I stopped by one of my daycare kids to play a game of laser tag and say hello. His parents are awesome. My little guy came out and handed me an envelope which I opened up when I got home. It was very thoughtful. So sweet to be appreciated. 

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