Saturday, June 13, 2020

3 Home Improvement Projects to Increase Your Home's Selling Price

When you’re preparing to sell your home, you want to make it look its best to appeal to visitors. You also need to focus on improving its value so that you can earn as much money as possible. Consider completing one or all of these projects to increase your house’s selling price.

Update the Plumbing

Most likely, your realtor will have someone inspect your plumbing before your house receives a price. Before this inspection takes place, contact a sewer contractor Seattle WA to repair your sewer system. By investing in this improvement now, you avoid having to pay for repairs after the inspection or taking a loss on your home’s selling price.

Remove High-Risk Trees

Trees play important roles in the environment, filtering toxins from the air and producing oxygen, and most people like to see lots of trees in front of their house. However, some trees pose a risk to your house and can lower its value. Hire a tree removal company to determine which trees close to your house are dead and unstable and cut them down. If any of the trees have sentimental value, save the wood and take it with you when you move.

Take Care of Minor Problems

No matter how careful of a homeowner you are, your house bears the signs that someone has lived there. These include small scratches on the floor, dents in the walls and chips in the paint. While these issues might not seem like a lot, as more of them occur, your prospective buyers want to pay less for your house. Spend a day going around your house with paint, spackle and sanding equipment, and you’ll see a significant improvement in your home’s appearance.

As you prepare to sell your house, complete these projects to improve its appearance and increase the profit you make from its sale.

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