Friday, May 01, 2020

Remember Me - Amateur Movie Review

In the summer of 2001, New York college student Tyler (Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Saga) is still feeling lost from the tragedy that has strained his relationship with his father when he meets Ally (Emilie de Ravin, TV’s “Lost”), a girl who understands his pain. The last thing Tyler’s looking for is love, but through their passionate relationship, he finds new possibilities for happiness. It’s an unforgettable story about the power of the heart, the strength of family, and the importance of treasuring every day of one’s life.

What I Can Tell You:

Rob Pattinson was in this movie and I was going to see it regardless of anything. I wanted to see if he could be someone other than Edward for me. The movie was very well done. It is a story of redemption, love, loss, and past pain.

I cried about four times during this movie. The movie has 3 different storylines. Tyler and his family, Tyler and Ally and Ally and her Father.

I think that if you are thinking this is a "Twilight fan" movie you are very mistaken. It is worth a watch. You will feel for the characters. It is a very deep, moving story of two families who have gone through loss and are dealing with it the best way they can. Each of them in their own way.

My favorite relationship is of Tyler and his sister Caroline. Tyler is a big brother, protector, father figure in Caroline's life while she appreciates him and acknowledges his faults but respects him.

Without giving away the ending, the last 10 minutes are done wonderfully. Edited without shoving the inevitable down our throats to make old wounds rip open to bleed again.  In the end, we all just want to be remembered.

Great movie.

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