Sunday, May 31, 2020

Is It a Photo Album, Journal or A Family Project? Whatever You Want To Call it, The Adventure Challenge Rocks #theadventurechallenge

The Adventure Challenge books are my new favorite thing to do with my daughter. There are a Couple's Edition, Family Edition and Friend's Edition. The purpose is to unplug, and reconnect with people and have fun. 

We have since ordered a Polaroid Instant Camera since starting our Family Edition of The Adventure Challenge. This is such a wonderful idea and makes a wonderful gift for families, newlyweds, new parents, engagements, etc because it is a photo album and journal but also a surprise because you don't know what you will be doing until you select what you will be doing based on prompts from the book.  We went out with our camera and thought let's do one of the challenges.  

We were so excited to get started and selected a challenge based on how much money we had in our pockets and the time of day.  

This is what makes the book so wonderful. The prompts tell  you how much it would cost if anything for you to do the challenge. It tells you if you need to leave the house, what supplies you need, if it is messy, what time of day it is and if you will be eating. Now that just might by my favorite prompt. 

The one we selected said it would only cost .10 and that we could do it anytime at home. We scratched it off and it said we should buy yarn. I haven't been to Walmart or anywhere since the Pandemic but as soon as I can I will. Not sure where I could find yard for .10 but it seems like fun.  Then you take a photo of your challenge to post in the book. The book has double sided tape so you can just affix the photo right next to the challenge and then a spot for journaling.

The Table of Contents shows me that there are going to be some very fun challenges in our future. 

I cannot wait to give the Dating Edition to my niece. She and her boyfriend Charlie are going to have such a good time filing this out. 

I cannot say enough about these books. They truly make great gifts and maybe when we all go back to normal unquarantined life we can start having some adventures. As we fill up our book I will share with you guys. 

For more information head over to The Adventure Challenge 

Disclaimer: I received complimentary copies for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered. 

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  1. That sounds like so much fun! Kinda hard to believe you would find yarn for a dime, though, you're right. Even so, I love the surprise and spontaneity of it!


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