Friday, October 18, 2019

Rainbow Butterfly Sorting, Color Matching Game Perfect For Toddlers - Skoolzy.Com

Hey guys I want to introduce you to Skoolzy and its line of educational toys and games for toddlers and preschoolers.

I had never heard of Skoolzy before receiving the Rainbow Butterfly Sorting, Counting, and Matching Game For toddlers and preschoolers.  

I was so impressed with their high-quality, affordable products that inspire children to learn as they play, helping to improve early development skills including fine motor skills, counting, color sorting, and more.

Popular toy selections for this holiday season include some of Skoolzy’s all-time bestselling products such as Rainbow Counting Bears, Peg Board Sets, and Lacing & Stringing Bead Set, among others. Exciting new toys for 2019 include the Prescchool Learning Tree, Alphabet Flower Garden, STEM Apple Factory, and more. All Skoolzy toys are guaranteed to be child-safe, non-toxic, and durable for generations.

The 411:

I received a complimentary Rainbow Butterfly kit to experience with my toddler/preschool class. I work with ages 2- 3 and they were so excited for a chance to play with the kit.  Anything that allows this age to use their fine motor skills and identify colors is a winner in my class.  They are really into shouting out the colors they know. 

The kit comes with 8 butterflies in 7 different colors, 7 flower petals (we thought they were balloons), 1 flower center (we thought it was a star) 

We went over each of the colors and then showed them how they could use the toy. We place one of each butterfly in the center star, 8 circle cards with numbers 1-8 and butterflies on the other side, tongs and a storage pack!

My co-teacher is Montessori taught and loved this toy. She was as excited as the kids to see this in our classroom.

What I loved most about this as a mommy and a teacher is how long this toy would be relevant. As your child gets older you can increase the activities. For my class we placed one butterfly for each  color in the center and showed them how to use the tongs to match it to a petal and them put each back in the flower center so it is ready for the next student.  As the children get older we can work on number identification and place a number card in each petal asking for a specific amount of butterflies of each color we want in the petal.   

We love it and believe our kids will enjoy it for a long time. It is on our activity shelf and they can each take a turn with it every day. It is a favorite.    

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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