Sunday, October 27, 2019

My Life In Pics 8-17 to 8-21

I am soooo behind as usual. As I sit here trying to get down 8 oz of pure Aloe Vera juice on a rainy Sunday my thoughts go to all the things I didn't get to over the summer.  Life got in the way and Summer was a bummer but the last few weeks have been great so I wanted to play catch up since I have time. I should be reading one of my review books (they are backing up) but since I just dropped my daughter off at a friends to watch movies with some of her closest and the boys are busy with football I thought why not!?

Aug 17 - Goddess got her twice a year hair cut. She was not the happiest because it was time to take off a few inches. Usually she gets a trim but it was getting nasty at the ends.  Our stylist is the best. I have been going to her for 12 years and we trust her with long hair PLUS she is the blow out Queen. I don't know how she does it but our hair looks amazing when we walk out.

Aug 18 - This is my girl! She loves taking photos as much as I did/do! I always had a camera in my hands. She saw a Garden Orb Spider and ran in to get one of my cameras.

Aug 19 - The braces are finally on! My girl has two canines that have stuck out forever. Her lips use to get caught on them and it was taking so long for all the baby teeth to come out. They are finally on and and 2 months they are already aligned. Now we work on the overbite.  I had just told her she looks nice with braces and this was the face I got!

Aug 20 - My daughter go this awful lighting photo but I love it because this is how Luna and I usually spend our time together. Forehead or nose to forehead or head. There is something so relaxing about our heads being together. There are 10 Scientific Reasons You Should Have A Cat in case you needed to know. 

Aug 21 - This is George! Do you need another reason as to why we cat sit!? George is cute. His family are friends. We enjoy spending time with him and his furry sibs and miss them when we are done sitting.

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